Shopping in Singapore and KL?

I want to buy digital cameras,laptop, soveniers and clothes -originals in Singapore and KL.Where are the best markets to buy all this?


City: Singapore

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Country: Singapore


Well you can go to Sim Lim Square in Singapore but the locals are generally more cautious as the merchants at Sim Lim Square can be quite underhanded.

For electronics such as digital cameras and laptops, I would suggest that you wait for the periodic IT Fairs held at Suntec. More reliable and good prices.

For souvenirs and clothes, you can pretty much get them from everywhere haha. But for the special stuff, head down to Haji lane at Arab St, if you dig deep, you can find some really interesting items to buy.
In Singapore, you may try Sim Lim (as mentioned) or Funan Centre (which is known as our IT Mall. You may also shop for electronics and clothes, at Suntec City.

In KL, I would recommend Mid Valley Megamall. It's fashion wear ranges from mid range to high end clothings. Sungei Wang Plaza would be somewhere you could get reasonable priced electronics.
Hi there,

For digital cameras, you can get a price qoute from MSColor website. The price is usually better than the normal stores and can serve as a price guide.

And also you can take a look at the other two links below to see if there is any cameras promotions.

Do check out the prices before going to any shops as they are likely to "mark up" their prices or recommend you to buy accessories that cost more than normal.

And for soveniers and clothes, there is a few night markets that offer nice bargains. Places like Bugis Village, China Town will offer cheap and good items.

Orchard Road will be for more branded goods that cost more.

Do let me know if I can offer more help.

For clothes, head down to Orchard Road where there are many malls congregated in one area. There are always SALES u can take advantage of. U may even stumble on good bargains! Shopping at Bugis Village and Chinatown area - more of street stalls (flea market) style.
hi, yea as many singaporeans may suggest, that'll definitely be Sim Lim square. or u can always wait for singapore's IT show, which had jus ended 1 in march, where u can really find good deals for electronic products. there're a few IT shows in Singapore throughout the year. u can search under singapore IT shows or singapore expo or suntec websites to find out more.
so most locals would visit sim lim square, tip one, bring a local with you.. tip 2, wear sloppily... ahah n try tis site too ... enjoy.
Yeah! you got the right choice coming to Singapore to buy all this things.. Like all Singaporean, yes as suggsted SIM LIM SQUARE, is it.. also I have somemore suggestions, you can also go to FUNAN IT MALL to buy all your electronics gizmos.. CITY HALL, CITY LINK, MARINA SQUARE CENTRE POINT, and All the way down ORCHARD ROAD to get nice and fashionable clothes, however, if you prefer much cheaper stuff like what the locals here save their money, you could also go to these neighbourhood shopping centers SUN PLAZA, JUNCTION 8, LOT 1...etc Also, in Little INDIA, Serangoon Road, you will see almost everything there...
For electronics, at Sim Lim, you can go to
MC2 shops, @Notebook unit 04-62 at Sim Lim.However, as with all shops,please exercise caution. Most areopen to negotiation but these are the two shops I frequent and the prices are reasonable. Youc an check out AAAsCom they have prices reviewed at

Alternatively, you can check out Funan the IT Mall for electronics.

As for souveniors, the run-off the mills types like key chains etc, you can get cheap ones from Mustafa shopping centre in Serangoon Road. Nearest MRT is Little India Station. You can also try the Indian rice served on banana leaf there.
IT stuff..cams,laptops, netbooks..etc.I usually wait for the twice a year fairs at Suntec city...thats like the best! You get the best bargains..and almost everything you need at slashed prices. Plus, ur purchases usually come with free gifts! Its good to have in mind what you want if ure gonna wait for ure in ther..grab and go...coz its usually jammed packed with shoppers...not for the claustrophobics...
this is usually in march and august.
Sim Lim..i dun go ther unless i really have to....

As for clothes...Bugis village..Far east plaza..they have nice collections..but you really have to shop and walk around to get the best deals..

KL; i like Sungei Wang, its a bit like Lucky Plaza in SG, but many more shops! Good deals but super crowded...

Hope this helps...happy shoppin!

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