The Hague... Is it a nice place to live ?

Hello everybody! Im going as an Au Pair to The Hague for a year and I would like to know if theres a University or a school to learn french... Im from Mexico.. Another question.. how far is Dresden (Germany) from there?? Another suggestion?? Thanks


Country: Netherlands


Hey there, I know a lot of au pairs here in The Hague and they are having a lot of fun. The Hague is an international city and we have schools here as well... It must be possible to learn French but I don't know in which way... I mean, you don't speak Dutch but there must be a way. Otherwise you can probably find a French person who helps you out... Dresden is around 7 hours by car, not that close in my opinion... If you are thinking about coming over here, feel free to contact me and I'll introduce you to a lot of international people/ aupairs if you like. Good luck!

Thank u Wendy... Now Im in Netherlands, in Den Haag,, and I live close to the Central Station,. maybe 10 min by walking.. so if u know somebody who can tell me about a club to go for dancing is going to be really nice..And if u are interested some day to come here.. We can be in contact too.. ok??

THank u!!
I don't live in Den Haag, but I've worked in Den Haag. I always liked it. The Hague means enjoying cultural events, concerts, art exhibits, a night out at the theatre, shopping in the city centre and a bracing walk at the seaside. The Hague is a wonderful city full of life, all year round!
Thanks for ur answer... Do you know a good place to go to dance??
Hi Ileana. How long have you been in The Hague already?
I also live close by Central Station, we can meet sometimes and go for a drink. :)
Do you have facebook? my mail in facebook is ... and maybe we Can meet ..
What do you do in The Hague?
You should come see the Eastside of NL too sometime while you are here. I can be very reasonable..
There's a school for learning French in Amsterdam which is sponsored by the French government. So if you didn't start your lessons yet ...

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