Hi. Could anybody tell me what is the weather like in Hungary in August? In Pecs in particular if you know))) Is it like to wear...

...shorts and a t-shirt? Or more like jeans and a jacket?


Country: Hungary


Everything.During the days it lokks 25-30 Celsius, during the nights 15-17.
And heavy rains are coming few times.
I think there are no big differences between the weather in Budapest and Pecs. The august is still summer here, with nice, warm, sometimes hot weather. And yes, sometimes storms are coming. Maybe a little bit hotter than in Omsk. You dont need a jacket, just an umbrella or raincoat. Shorts and t-shirts are ok. Maybe miniskirt? :)
it will be pretty warm weather.. so be prepared with very loose clothes..
As Hungary is not an alpine country it is obviously hot in august. Budapest gets pretty hot in the summers, as asfalt also preserves heat and lets it out during the night. It is usually around 26-30 degrees. Pecs is very similar. So bring shorts and T-shirts, but be prepared for some long sleeve wear too. Enjoy your stay.
Mostly you won't need too warm clothes. Shorts and shirts, but bring a raincoat and a sweater. You won't have problems with it.

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