Please help. Is there a train line running nearby Ferihegy international airport in Budapest? And does it lead to Pecs? Or do I have... travel to Budapest Keleti or Deli station first and get to Pecs from there?


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There is a train line nearby but it does not lead to Pécs. It does not even lead to Keleti
or Déli The fastest (IC) trains to Pécs go from Keleti. You need to get to Keleti first. It is quite complicated by public transport. Taxis are not reliable (drivers often cheat foreigners.) There is an airport shuttle minibus service that is reasonably cheap and takes you to any address, that's the best way to reach Keleti.
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There is no metro to the airport, take a shuttle bus, around 10 EUR. Ask to be dropped of at the station. I am not sure where the train to Pécs leaves from, but the driver will no. My guess would be Keleti.
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Unfortunatelly Pécs is totally in the opposit direction than the airport. You have to go to Budapest. Trains depart from the Déli or the Keleti station also (approximately in every 2 hours). I disagree György :), the official Airport Taxis dont cheat people, because they are working with fix prices.
Oh, no, I can't bear that. I Can't be wrong' :-)
Fom Ferihegy 1 you can travel by train till Nyugati train station. There isn't train connection From Ferihegy II you can go by taxi, or by bus and later underground till the train stations!
From the Keleti station you can go fast trins to Pécs!
You can chect schedules here:

if you want to know when go to trains you can search here in this page:

honnan means from You can write here Ferihegy
hova means to You can write here Pécs
keresés means search After click there and you will see the results.
When I searchad I saw that the most of train go to Budapest -Zugló and than you have to use local trafic: with Red 7 bus I think it takes 40 minutes.You will arrived to Budapest -Kelenföld and now you can travel to Pécs with train. But I think better if you go with minibus, like the others said. If you are brave you can try this way also. Lots of people speak in Englis in Budapest, and I hope they can help.
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