surquillo , is it a dangerous area of lima?


City: Lima

Department: Lima

Country: Peru


It depends...just be careful if you go by "The Angamos Avenue", "The Via Expresa" and "Dante street"
It dependes.. that´s right. You always must be alert in some areas of Lima, and Surquillo is one of them. specially Angamos Ave, Via Expresa and Chicago.Not is the most dangerous just be alert.
as jorge say surquillo have some dangerous areas but not all is like you ask if new york is a dangerous area and the answer will be of course in some areas
Yes it is, but is not too dangerous, you can walk around de main market and principal streets, try to walk around in the mornings, be careful and good luck, enjoy Lima
YHey... Well as everybody answered Surquillo has some "critical" areas. I think the best spots are near to other districts as Surco, Miraflores or San Isidro. Either way I think Surquillo does not have too many attractions
Hi, Surquillo is close to Miraflores, Surco and San Borja, have a residencial and popular places, be carefully near the big popular markets, the traffic now is awfully! Surquillo is less dangerous than others places.
well it depends of many things as everybody answered. the via espressa is dangerous if you walk alone, but if don`t , it is normal, angamoz is no so dangerous too, and well maybe if you visit surquillo with someone who knows that place, there is not gonna be any problem.
yes it depends the area . generally in the morning there isnt problem. At night it is better go to another place.
moreless ..there are some dangerous avenues or streets but not that much just be aware look at your sides but the most important don't look like a tourist, act as if you know well the zone where you are at. good luck and in fact you can choose another places to be in instead surquillo... miraflores, san isidro, san borja are good areas.
Surquillo has dangerous zones since already they have been mentioned. It has a calmer zone inside the Urb. The Calera. The Av. Angamos is safer between the 21 to 26 block.

If you send me an exact addrress you want to go I could be more especific. Also, if you tell me what kind of activity you want to perform there I could fine a safer place you can go to do the same.

Kind regards,
Yes Surquillo is a distrit of the big city of Lima but is a poor place and they are many thiefs and drug dealers; if you are a tourist don`t go there.
It just depends where you go, in the biggining of avenida Primavera ,and around there,in the sixties ,the area was call "Chicago chico" little Chicago, connotacions with the Maffia in USA.
It really depends, there are some streets that are dangerous, if you are looking to stay in Surquillo in a hotel or hostal, I must tell you it is a pretty loud area, lots of traffic, public transportation and drunks regularly, aside of the fact that is not a pretty area at all. Low class basically.
In Lima Metropolitana there are so many dangerous places, some of them are in an area of Surquillo. This district has no touristic attractives, it's most a popular and residencial area.
not at all. would you try to surco,la molina,san borja(inexpensive apartments),monterrico and chorrillos.i hope i helped you . godd bye
Surquillo is not the most dangeorus place, in fact part od the district is in front of miraflores and that area is safe but there is not many turistic places over there so i would not recommend it, at leats you wanan try food but those places are sometimes small and not well known.
Surquillo was before a part of Miraflores, actually it was the name of a 'urbanization' , that is a section of Miraflores when it begun to grow from the small town in the outskirts of the old Lima (what we call now historic centre or downtown). Most of those areas were farming fields or industrial areas, and in some parts of the future 'surco' and 'miraflores' districts many factory workers and plantation peasants lived. With time 'Surquillo' came to be a district by its own accord, but formed with the not-wanted areas of miraflores and surco, it was always an area of poverty and hence, criminality. Now the situation has changed a lot, but still shops close early fearing burglars or thiefs, so try not to get there when dark, during daytime it is as safe as most places in Lima, exception made of San Isidro, an oasis of civility since it was first made.
There are some areas that are completely safe, since it's close to Miraflores, surco and San Borja... You should visit the Mrcado Modelo, one of the most important markets of Peru. As a universal recommmendation anywhere in the world, be sure to carry small packages, don't carry all your documents and the necessary local currency. You'll have a great time there...
I think it depedens. But, in my opinion, is not a good place to visit.
it depends of which area of Surquillo
It depends on where you are. In geneal it is calm area but be careful with some aereas. Where are going to be exactly?
I would not choose Surquillo for staying in Lima, there are many other districs much better than surquillo like miraflores, surco, san isidro, san borja etc....

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