Most affordable place to live in Auckland

What's the best option for long term stay in the Auckland region. By long term I mean 8months - 12months


City: Auckland

Region: Auckland

Country: New Zealand


Why Auckland? There are much nicer places to chose in New Zealand which are also much cheaper. You have chosen the most expensive city in New Zealand.
So which other city would you recommend?. I also have plans of passing some time with a friend in Christchurch. I have read a lot of stuff on the internet about accommodation and in the end I think I'm rather confused.
It depense on what you are willing to pay ? There are some Hotels or B&B which offer Appartements.
Auckland is very expensive. I saw your reply to another responce. the answer depends on what you want to do and see.
Anapartment in the city is upwards of $400per week, but many people share houses in the city suburbs such as gGrey Lynn, Mt. Eden, Mt. Roskill, and even Newmarket. Bear in mind public transport options in each area that you look if you do not have a car becuae buses are not great in all areas. This should be factored in to the cost.

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