I am looking for a great place for a family vacation in Costa Rica? Ideas? Thanks!


City: Nairobi

Area: Nairobi Area

Country: Kenya


costa rica maybe fairmont if they have a hotel but you should ask someone in costa rica to help you
Try to contact
Kindly try and get someone from Costa Rica to assist you.
In Costa Rica, there are many exciting adventures, Hotels :- Loved Si Como No,Hotel Luisiana, Arenal Nayara Hotel & Gardens,Hotel Playa Espadilla, Beaches :- Manuel Antonio beach and many other adventitious scenes. For me, am in Kenya, Try to contact Thanks a lot and have great day.
Costa rica there is alot of adventurous and beachs
try pacific bugee in the costa rica but karibu kenya we have equally fasincating sites and family vacation destinations
Yes, it is absolutely true that Kenya got have equally fascinating sites for family Vacation. Kenya is a small world by itself. From the Chalbi desert on the north, snow caped mt. Kenya under the equatorial sun, equatorial rain forest of the Aberdare ranges, fresh and alkaline lakes on world famous geographical feature of the Great Rift valley, rich archeological sites that laid foundation for the study of early man's origins,fine game viewing parks and excellent beautiful natural beaches.
we request you to come back to Kenya
Creek tours.
try this website
personally, i have never been to Costa Rica, but i hear there are exciting places to spend your vacation there. maybe you contact any one from there or at least some one who has good information the place. otherwise welcome to Kenya any other time. i will be ready to assist you with information on the best places to spend your vacation in Kenya. thank you.
Hi please try , because i am specialised in tours/visit within kenya and east africa.thank you and good day
Try Nyali,South coast and Diani...perfect holiday spots!
Google or better yet, you could visit the government website. I'm sure they have links to travel agencies there. Good luck!
the best thing is to find a localyte from costa rica .
sory i am not from costa rica or do u meant coast in kenya?
okay. we have very smart hotels & parks within kenya.

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