Fun things to do in Luxembourg? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Luxembourg which tourists rarely experience?


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To attend and play a ninepins ( skittle) game together with Luxemburgisch village people ! Nearly all Village Cafe are equipped with a separate and old fashionned Skittle playground at the rear of the Cafe! Funny experience who makes also the tourist familiarized with the Luxemburgish language ! Guranteed good mood !
Depending on your age and the time a year you are in Luxembourg, activities vary from enjoying a beer in a LOCAL pub and/or the occasional game of skittles during winter. People from all generations often enjoy meeting new folks, some others don't ever want to meet anyone and are more likely to stick to people they know, which is a shame, but also 'one of these things' in Luxembourg. An other fun activity during winter, if it snows, is of course sledging, not everywhere or at every time, though, winters tend to become milder over the last 20 years.
During the warmer months of the year societies from country-side towns and villages often organise aperitifs, 'Kiermes'-dinners and other social events on Sunday afternoons, but for that you'll need to get information once you arrived in Luxembourg. Have a look at the bulletin boards in towns and villages, which are usually to be found in the centre of the residential areas (i.e. at the church).
Luxembourg City is full of events from May to August, just have a look around and see what's on.
And there are the Luxembourgian 'beaches', so to say lakes with recreational areas, in the North (Stauséi), in Echternach (Séi) and in the South-East, in Remerschen (Baggerweier). There are only few tourists at the latter one.
As all the europeans do.. the same in Germany, Austria etc.

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