how to get visa and what could be minimum cost of my visit


City: Beijing

Municipality: Beijing

Country: China


where do u wanna go~ Beijing? shanghai? or other cities?
To apply for a Chinese visa, applicants should come in person or through a third party (e.g. Travel Agent or Tour Operator) during office hours from 9 -12 am in the Chinese Embassy Chinese Consulates-General. Usually, the processing time is approximately 5- 7 working days. It may be possible to obtain a visa more quickly using an express or same day service, at some extra cost, however I suggest obtaining your visa well before your travel date.

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please claim your trip destination.make more clear and more answer
There should be some kind of visa service in your country. If not, you'll have to apply to the Chinese Embassy in your country directly.

As to how much it costs, that depends on where you're going, how long you want to be here and what you'll be doing.
For different country citizen, it has different rate. For example, for American, it charges around 1050 RMB when you procede on your own.
It takes 7 days including weeknd to get visa if docments are complete.
If you hire agency to do, service fee ranges from 300 RMB to 800 RMB depend on how you quickly want it to be done.

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