Fun things to do in Singapore? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Singapore which tourists rarely experience?


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Locals like to go "prawning" where we try to catch as many prawns within an hour or 2 using a line. The line and rod can be rented at the prawning pools at various spots in Singapore. It typically costs around $35 SGD per pax. I had a record hit of 30 plus prawns in a night. =)
Singaporeans love to eat! Sometimes we gather a bunch of friends and go on a food spree in areas like Katong, Geylang, Chinatown. Ie. Drive around to different locations and sample all the good food S'pore has to offer. Order many different dishes and share the spread.
Yes, those are the two favorite activities of locals.
An additional one is exploring the nearby islands, soaking in the Sun,at the beach.
Go-Karting at Jurong, Golf at CDANS, shopping and sand slides in Sentosa. And did I mention, swimming at Wild, Wild Wet at Downtown East!
Might not be such a secret, but three things that come to mind...

* Supper in Geylang at 2 am in the morning, after a midnight movie
* Take weekend trips to Tioman or nearby islands frequently
* Drive to Changi Village area and watch planes go by (overhead, lol)
* Mahjong / Poker sessions at home
-Eat and watch soccer matches at Simpang Bedok
-Hang out outside Esplanade on Saturday nights and watch free performances
-Have Nasi Lemak at Boon lay or Changi Village
-Drink Teh Tarik at ungodly hours
-Smoke Shisha and chill at Arab Street cafes
-Play boardgames at Minds Cafe
-Have BBQs in East Coast Park
-Cycling or in line at East Coast Park
-Karaoke at Cash Studio or K-Box
-Play 'paintball' at Bottle Tree Park

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