I am looking to trace a family in KANGARI which is up country near Nairobi, does anybody know this place


City: Nairobi

Area: Nairobi Area

Country: Kenya


Kangari is a small town in central province, maragua district, in kigumo division. It will take someone between 1 and 2 hours to get here. past Thoka keep driving ubntill you come to the turn off to muranga town. From here one should be able to follow the road as you ask for the turn off to Kangari
Kangari is a location in Kigumo Division, Maragwa district , Central province in Kenya. It is not far from Thika town and can be reached by taxi from Thika town.
You can also Google the locations and you will get the area map.
kangari is a small town in murang'a district. you can arrive there by driving towards thika town and just a few kilometers from there you turn left towards murang'a road. from there you can ask someone where the town is
Kangari is in Murang'a District
i personally know kangari but i dont know anyone from kangari
Kangari is situated at Kinyona Location,Kigumo Division, Muranga South District; about 78km from Nairobi. The town is accessible using two routes. Drive past Thika and turn off at Kandara-Gachirigwi, Githumu Road which is shorter, The other route is longer pass through Kenol-Murang'a road and turn off at Kaharati through Makomboki.

The town provides a unique picturesque of Aberdares Ranges. It is cold, mainly inhabited by Kikuyu people whose main economic activity is tea farming and dairy keeping.

I quite well know the place and i have many friends there because i took my high school education there. I was at Njiiris School, 10km from the Kangari shopping center.
he has given you the best answer
kangari is a location in kigumo division in maragua. it is rather a market place it is just 30km from othaya town nyeri. take a matatu from nairobi to maragua KANGARI IS JUST 15KM EAST OF MARAGUA TOWN
Kangari is in kigumo division in Muranga.Its easy to get there either through public means or by taxi.
Kangari is a town in Kigumo Division, Maragwa District , Central province in Kenya. You can board a Kangari bound matatu from Nyamakima in downtown Nairobi and it'll drop you at this town.
Kangari is in Central Province. If you are looking to trace this family or someone, I would suggest going to the Kenya Red Cross. They are excellent when it comes to tracing people.
Yes i know this place and it will be better if you can remember somethings like location village name.
If you happened to have had people from Embu the HQ of Eastern province in Kenya then Kangari is 20 Minutes drive from Eastern Provincial Hospital & Kangari School.
i know where kangari is.its about 78km from nairobi and in muranga district.its accessible through twi is thika road and the other is quite long its muranga road.
its mstly inhabited by kikuyus a tibe whic id most dorminant in kenya and determined escpecially through buisness and has nice features like the aberdares and a bit of farming..
ill take you there any day any time
The place is near Thika, my homeplace. probably can assist by connecting with people I know from the area.
kangari is in kigumo location,thats my home area.the shorter route is kandara-gitumu road.
Hi, i know the place its my home area.Please explain more i am ready to help.

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