Dubai Airport to Sharjah?

My final destination is Sharaj but I will be landing in Dubai International Airport. What is the cheapest and easiest way for me to get to Sharjah? Should I take a bus? A train? How much would it cost me? Please help.


City: Dubai

Emerate: Dubayy

Country: United Arab Emirates


Hiya well your best option is a taxi since buses will take long and thats the last thing you want to hop onto after a flight! We dont have train/metro yet so the quickest and easiest option is a taxi. They are readily available from outside the arrival terminal and it will probably cost you approximately 60-80 aed or about $20. If im around I can always take you!
I do not think there are any buses which go to Sharjah from Dubai Airport. Taxi is the only solution currently. Another option is if someone picks you in his private car. That could be little economical.
only take the taxi the price is not bad... if u can arrange for hotel pickup will be the only better option since you dont have trusted friends to drop u
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I concur with Rebecca. Take a taxi and look at spending about 20 dollars or 60 AED.
You may want to take her up on getting a ride. She can fill you in on any details you may want to know.
hey.. welcome here..
the cheapest way to reach sharjah is via bus.. but you will have to change couple of buses to reach sharjah.. and it is also going to be inconvinient with all the luggage..
the other way it via taxi.. with is really good here.. it will cost you approx USD20-USD25 depending where you have to go to in sharjah..
and there is no train service here at the moment..
taxi .. or I can pick you if u come in a time im available..
the easiest and cheapest way is to catch up a bus from the airport towards Sharjah. there is no train service as of now in Dubai.
the easiest and cheapest way is to catch up a bus from the airport towards Sharjah. there is no train service as of now in Dubai.
well, you can only take a taxi for your convinience to get out and reach your destination as possible...train/metro, construction is still going on...buses are very difficult esp at night, they have the time better hop in the waiting taxi at the start at 20 aed...
SHarjah is hardly 10 mins away from dubai. if u catch a taxi it will cost u 30 to 50 dhs. If you trravel by bus u pay only 5 dhs, but to get to bus stand u need to catch a taxi from the airport which would cost u another 20dhs minimum. So i would suggest the first option.

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