Would 3 days and 2 nights be enough for a trip to Cancun?

My partner and I are going to Mexico for the first time. We will be coming from California. We will be there for 4 days and I want suggestions on what we can do in Cancun? Where can we go for snorkelling or scuba diving? I also want to know if the Jungle tour is good.


City: Cancun

State: Quintana Roo

Country: Mexico


Cancun offers such a wide variety of services and atractions that you probablly could stay there for month and still fell it wasn't enough. I mean who wants to leave paradise?? Anyway 2 nights and 3 days are enough to get a splash of Cancun. Wondering where to go snorkeling or scuba diving? The best places around there are: Isla Mujeres and Isla de Cozumel both are neraby islands perfect for a one day excursion. About the Jungle Tour there must be hundred of them, all are pretty much the same just get sure it gives you what you want, like seeing cocodriles or bird watching, and be prepared for tons of mosquitos
Well it is a paradise I love it! You must go to Xcaret () One of the best experiences in my can do a lot of things there.. if u see the site u will see all you can do.
well look, this area has a lot of to offer you just like our local friend told you, but if you can give me some info about what you like and if you are going to enjoy the beach, to do some tours or to wild at night.
that way i can point you in a more precise direction.
but definition i would suggest you to stay a little beat longer
i ve been in cancun for 4 times, and each time has been so wild, interesting.
yo ve always something to do in cancun, xcaret, xelha, mayan pyramids, or just stay at the beautifl beach.
i recomend you coco bongo, its the best diskothek in cancun.... you gotta go!!
have a nice trip!!
well 3 days,2 nights,is a good start,but for a paradise like Cancun,to really get the feeling,5-7 days is much better.snorkelling or scuba,could be good in Cozumel or Isla Mujeres,you cant go wrong on that.
if you're loooking to go sightseeing, it will probably not be enough time, but, if youre looking to relax and knowing only some hotspots like Xcaret, you will definitely have enough time, it doesnt matter the amount of time or the city, any place in the world, you'll feel you need more time! HTH
Go to xcaret.. here is a site 4 more info. there r buses from cancun.. if u buy your tickets online, theres a 10% disc. You can also do a half day trip to Tulum... the only Mayan city built on the coast.
Jungle tours are amazing. You can actually book a combination Jungle/ Snorkel tour. Visit a jungle cenote Oasis and then snorkel a Caribbean paradise inlet sea turtles, rays and colourful tropical fish!

Happy sailing!

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