My name is catherine bowler, i am scottish and trying to contact a family in kangare nairobi

Hello, I recently had a holiday in nairobi, and have lost the address of a family whom I'm trying to contact they live in Kangara and the surname is Nyambura, they are a mother, father and daughter and the parents are tea pickers, their daughter is 10 years old and goes to a school where she wears a green uniform. Thanks


City: Nairobi

Area: Nairobi Area

Country: Kenya


the best thing is to indentfy the name of the location or sublocation to which the family your looking for live in kandara,kandara is in muranga district, then you can locate,the school with the blue uniform,i believe it is easy to locate the family farm from that point on
she said green uniform not blue
hi madam. os it kangara or kawangware? best coarse of action would be to actually wait till you come back to the place and retrace your steps incase its something precious that you wana give them.otherwise contacting your kenyan embasy in scotland wiould be the other option you have and as i see it it would be the best.for the love of mike dont trust anybody on the internet.

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