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Hi Simmi, I'm from Brazil and I'm staying in Kingston for some days. I think that I could dive here, but I were not able to find a scuba dive operator. Do you have any one to indicate me ? Thanks, Claudio


City: Kingston

Undetermined: [None]

Country: Jamaica


Well scuba diving is offered y the hotels in the wesrtern side of the of the country, that would be in Negril.
what sad... :-(
I read some webpages saying good thinks about Texas and other shipwrecks near Kingston cays.
Thanks Lotoya!
There was a scuba diving club located in New Kingston. They seemed to have re-located to Negril.
Buccaneer Scuba Club Morgan's Harbour is the leading dive and watersport operators for Port Royal historic underwater sights..its listed in the phone book as Buccaneer Divers Ltd., 94 1/4 Old Hope Road phone 1-876-927-6943 or if there is another Morgan's Harbour phone number , maybe your hotel can find it for you as long as you remember the name of the place..well good luck to your scuba divingi know you will enjoy it totally.
some expert you are my dear, the question is about kingston not negril. please promote your local area
very good marlene, i second the motion excelent spot for snorkeling and scuba diving. I would check if a permit is required as many historical artifacts remain underwater location in port royal and its environs.
yes you could lime key is best
This is my recommendation also go to Lime Cay just off the cost of Port Royal to get gear you should be able to get equipment from Y knot or they will advise..they can also arrange to get you to the Cay..
You could come toi Ocho rios, Good Scuba Diving here. 469-4885
Unfortunately I won't have time to go there.
just some day at Kingston.

I forgot to tell u that Port Royal is a part of Kingston, that is also a very historic sight by itself..its not far from the Norman manley Airport...
Scuba diving is not done in Kingston, but you can contact the hotel info desk and they can arrange a private personnel to accommodate you. The front desk where you are staying that is...
the best place to go for scuba diving is in ocho rios or negril there u get the best scuba diving operator. dunns river falls also have good ones too any one of the hotels u r at u just let them know that u need a scuba operator the will assist u well
i dont know of any scuba diving operators in kingston. you would have to visit the north coast of the island for those kinds of activities. however, if you are ever in the mood for some nightlife fun while you are in kingston, you can email me @
Scuba diving is not popular in Kingston. You would have to go to the North Coast. Nearest point to Kingston is Ocho Rios. You find a lot of registered divers there.
As most persons have told you, there is not much scuba diving activity in Kingston. This is more a North Coast activity. However, you can check with Morgan's Harbour and they will tell you if they provide such an activity. There is a lot of snorkeling at Lime Cay but I have never seen scuba divers there.
Well scuba diving is offered y the hotels in the wesrtern side of the of the country, that would be in Negril or ochi
Call Ken at Dream Team Divers in Negril, he should know
i know an instructor in kingston...i cant put the number in here,cause its a private person...get back to mi via call me...4334224,,,lime key is a very good idea as well
Claudio, Call 876-957-4503. The Jamaica Scuba Divers Ltd. located in Negril.
They will be better equipped to inform you about diving in and around the Kingston area.
However, Morgan`s Harbour Hotel located at Port Royaland in the immediate vicinity of where you would like to dive should offer diving services.
Their number is, 876-967-8075.
Please let me know of your progress.
ilene call in negril jamaica scubadivers ltd at #8769574503 they offer diver services
The Jamaica Scuba Club is located in New Kingston close to Hilton's back gate, thats your best bet. Im sure will also find someone out at Morgans Harbour, Palisadoes. Which is near to the airport
hello! good day sir, you asking for the good place for diving
i can recommend also a philippines...its located in palawan and cebu and boracay..there is lot of professional divers here...and aside from that you will enjoy the good beaches....a 4th place from alll over the world/...
i am not aware of a scuba diving operator in kingston
top of the day sir, i dont know of none in kingston however in ocho rios or mobay or negril thier would be many however you can contact me and i would love to show you what these places offer in scuba diving and snorkeling
Sorry but there is no scubba diving in kingston. You will probably have to go to Negril or Montego Bay to do that. Try Hedonism or Sandals Negril.
the most suitable site this side of the Island would be Port Royal
yes scuba diving in Kingston is available. the best spot for scuba diving is port royal. scuba diving instructuros are located there and they will be more than willing to teach u scuba diving. after which you can dive to view the portion of port royal that is now underwater caused by the 1692 earthquake which sank 2/3 of port royal.

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