I would like to experience the 'real' Spain. Not touristy attractions. Would like to find a little cottage near the sea for a relaxing...

...break. Any ideas please?


Country: Spain


A nice way to see the real Spain is taking a wine and food tour in the countryside. You can check our web page for ideas. Enjoy Spain
Thank you for your answer, but I forgot to mention that I don't drink alcohol at all, so the wine tour would be a waste of time for me :) Sounds great anyhow! Thank you.
Hi! I'd recommend you to search for a low cost rent in Murcia, you can check this website , it's located in a really quiet neighbourhood where lots of locals own a house to spend the months of july and august, you'll find a quiet atmosphere and easy-going people, nice beaches and wonderful views. If you want any other info, don't doubt asking, hope you enjoy it!
Thank you for the answer, it does look good and I've been looking over the summer rentals. Much appreciated.
Oh-oh... Cottages near the sea sound like an impossible to me, at least in my area! In summertime the whole coast is packed and I wouldn't dare calling the seaside "real Spain" when it is so crowded: even if you hit a local village with almost no foreigners, it'll be a place where they go for the holydays, but that isn't what I'd call real life...

In the summertime I'd rather do the countryside or the mountains if I wanted to avoid crowds and relax.

Anyway, in Catalonia you should avoid tourist resorts such as Salou, Lloret and Calella de la Costa.

And my reccomended little villages where locals go would be:
- Near Barcelona: Sant Pol, Caldes d'Estrach, Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, Arenys de Mar.
- Near Girona: Platja d'Aro, Palamós, Calella de Palafrugell, Tamariu, Begur, Cadaqués, Port de la Selva.
- Near Tarragona: Cases d'Alcanar.

By the way, in the Official Catalonia Website you'll be able to find more information on all these places and also rental cottages, appartments, fun activities and much more!
Thank you for your help. It's difficult to actually know which areas are 'touristy' until you go to the country, so your answer has been a fountain of information for me. Thank you.
Try coming to the north, I will tell you about a little town called Zarautz, with beach, small pubs and restaurants and nice places for walk.
Thank you for the information. Have been taking a tour of the website and it does look lovely. A pity that the Golf Club has come so close to the dunes.. ah, but then I don't play golf so it's all lost to me :) Thank you again.
Hi'' My suggestion would be to check the webside there you can find houses for renting.

Good Luck''

SAndra de Miguel

Thank you for your reply Sandra. Now I have so many nice places to choose from. You have been a great help. Thank you.
Try booking a private villa rather than a package then you can choose the area you want to visit. In general anything by the sea will be "touristy" thats why people go there! In Mallorca there are quite a few places that are away from the mainstream tourist areas and some even quite near to the sea. try the website for a list of villas and apartments for rent! Enjoy your trip!
Thank you for your answer Tony. It does look like I would have to avoid the 'sea' and go a little more inland for my 'peace and quiet', but you all have been so helpful and I'm sure I'll find a great place when I go. Thank you again.
Why not check out Costa de la Luz (-the coast of light), it is still "real" Spain!! Here you can escape the crowds and find peace and relaxation :-) I run a Spanish language school in the area, and you can find info and pictures on my website Don't hesitate to ask if you want more info about this area!
Hi there... I'd have to go for Mallorca or Menorca. There are wonderfull places to visit here and you can either rent a villa or small apartment or even a studio for quite reasonable prices.

Try checking out it's in spanish but it has classified adverts for everything, so could be a usefull source of info on apartments, rooms and villas.

I would try somewhere in Muro, Santa Margarita, Sineu, Sa Pobla, Pollença, Lloseta, Binnisalem or any of the small villages in Mallorca (Avoid the northen coastline (playas de muro, can picafort, puerto de alcudia, puerto de pollença, etc) and the southern coastline: Arenal, playa de palma, magaluf, calvia, etc)).

In Menorca you should visit Addaia, a virgin nature reserve with a small village... the arable and farmable land reaches all the way down the hill and into the sea... you can sometimes find goats knee-deep in water nibbling at the trees and shrubs... quite breathtaking!!!

If you do get over here and you'd like to see the coast from a different angle check out our services on our profile or take a look at
As a big generalisation, I'd say that to experience the "real Spain" by the sea you should go for the north or west coasts. The drawback is that the weather is much more likely to be cool and cloudy than on the Mediterranean coast. Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia (especially the SW part) are all lovely, as is the Atlantic coast near Cadiz (here it's warm too).
Yes, it's good wish. My friends ones found people, who wanted to visit Sweden.So they went to Spain and stayed at their house and spanian came to Sweden and stayed in their house. Do you like this idea?
Hi Celia
Bienvenido a Espana.
Well, how long will U stay? Then Spain is a big country ...
For the "little cottage near the sea" (without tourists !!!)
sounds rather utopic.
Nevertheless; what about the absolute phenomenal islands
in the Mediterranean or Atlantic? Ha...
Make yourself acquainted (on internet) for ex.
Formentera, Menorca, La Gomera, Isla de Palma and so many
others ... On the Coast try Costa Brava, around Almeria and
so on ... You'll not have enough time (years) to fancy all
those magnificient places in Spain.

Mucha suerte y disfrute a Espana

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