Hi - I will unfortunately only be spending one night in Montreal and need some advice for this very short visit due to time...

...constraints. I will be sleeping over for one night only. The following day I am planning to take a half day city tour and will then hire a car at 15:00 for a self drive to Quebec City. Please advise: 1. Where to stay - I was thinking of staying close to the McGill metro, close to the Underground City; 2. What would be the best retal office to use for car hire with Alamo - As I will leave the city at 15:00 latest, I was thinking that it perhaps would be easiest to get out of rush hour with public transport and then hire a car at a rental office on the outskirts of town (what about the airport). 3. What is the best way to get from the airport to downtown; 4. Any suggestions for a half day city tour will be most welcome; 5. Advise of any have-to-see attractions that will not be covered by a half day city tour. (South Africa


City: Montreal

Province: Quebec

Country: Canada


Montreal - Stanley

1200 Stanley St
Montreal, QC H3B 2S8
Hours:Sun 07:00 am 09:00 pm
Mon-Wed 07:00 am 07:00 pm
Thu-Fri 07:00 am 09:00 pm
Sat 07:00 am 07:00 pm

There is an Alamo at the Airport but don't go there just to rent a car. There is a bus service to the Dorval Airport Hilton and a free shuttle 2 min to the Airport dip/Arr. Taxi is also an option ~$30 to 40
Hi Albert,

1. the area immediately around McGill Metro is a bit devoid of hotels - if you insist on staying near the underground city, there are a few hotels on Sherbrooke street near Peel (Hotel Omni and Hotel Le Cantlie come to mind). There's also the Hilton Garden Inn on Sherbrooke and Hutchison (about a 5-min walk to either McGill or Place des Arts metro). There are also a couple of other hotels in that block.

2. I'm afraid I'm not really familiar with Alamo, but considering that Montreal is an island and public transit won't get you off the island to the east (toward Quebec City), your best bet might be to try to find a rental place in Longueuil close to the Longueuil/Univ.deSherbrooke metro station and drive out to Quebec from there on highway 20E.
3. There is a new airport bus called the 747 - it costs about $7 and the ticket will give you access to the whole transit system for 24hours. It will pick you up right at the arrivals level at the airport and stops at several metro stations and downtown hotels.

4. (I'll leave this one to someone more knowledgeable about tour companies in Montreal)

5. if it's a nice day you must explore Parc Mont Royal; it's a nice, not too challenging walk to the top and the views of the city are beautiful (and free :)
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