HI,I am Özge.I need a local help for a daily sight-seeing tour in Hambourg.I will have a grp. on a cruise coming to Kiel.Than we need...

...a bus transfer to Hambourg,a city tour over there and also a restaurant reccomandation.We need to be back in Kiel the same evening.Please get in touch with me if you deal doing such a program.Thks.


Country: Germany


Hi Özge,

I am not a professional guide ;-) but I can tell you following (for your inspiration):

- There are bus transfers Kiel-Hamburg and back, but, of course static travel times. So it might be helfpul if you book...

- ... a bus tour guide Please contact them.

- A restaurant recommandation...? There are a lot. Any preferences?

so far, best regards,


PS: If you need further help, pls contact me.

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