One week in Los Angeles/Beverly Hills

I need to stay one week in L.A. Business and Fun. More Fun then business. Me and my wife, im 33 she is 31. I need advice regarding nice places to stay, inexpensive places. I consider all options but would prefer a place with kitchen, TV, with a good neighborhood and ambient (for our age). About rent-a-car what do you suggest, also inexpensive? Basically, I need to spend the less possible amount of money and still find a nice place to stay in LA, near Beverly Hills. PS: If you can suggest some cool stuff to do in LA (without spending too much money) that would be good too! We would love to go to Jay Leno show.


City: Beverly Hills

State: California

Country: United States


One of the most quaint and affordable hotels/motes in the Beverly Hills area is the Holloway Motel: . It's right in the heart of Beverly Hills and has rooms starting at $85.00 a night for 2; not sure about the kitchen part but I think they have suites. For the Jay Leno show you just have to contact nbc () and arrange for tickets which are free. Have a great trip.
well as simple as it may seem make sure to go to Hollywood and Vine to snap a couple photos of the star walk. I love the beach myself so I'd at least take a drive down along Malibu beach.

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