We've booked our honeymoon stay in Aventura Spa palace. Have you stayed here?

How did you like this place? We need reviews from people who've actually stayed there. What spa treatment,other activities can we do here?


City: Cancun

State: Quintana Roo

Country: Mexico


Althoug I havent been there I found this long review on internet.

My wife and I stayed at the hotel from November 29-Dec 6.

Flight on Air Canada from Vancouver - no problems

Arrival at Hotel.
Checkin - very smooth and quick.

Got to the room late. (10pm). South side. Bongos building, room 3373.
Decided to order room service. Good food. needed more beer, Rang back and asked for 2, Brought 6 pack with food.

5 minutes after food delivered, phone rang to make sure received everything.

Safe wouldn't work, low battery. Maintenance came and fixed. 5 minutes later, another phone call to see if everything okay.


Where to sit for the day. Ended up going to far end of south pool (very cold by the way).
Quiet, but close enough to hear what you waned to with activities going on. Stayed there all week each day until 3pm when sun was blocked and moved to areas between pool and beach/lagoon.

Staff will come and serve you what ever drinks you want and food from grill menu. Don't have to move at all, if you don't want.

Bring travel mugs (bubba kegs are the best -Canadian Tire). Lost one on last day. You can get if filled with whatever you want. 20oz crown and cokes stay ice cold for a while.

Breakfast are good. Wide variety to choose from. If you want something simple, go to sports bar lobby in the am. They have danish, muffins, fresh fruit, yogurts and coffee. Provide containers to take everything with you.

Lunches. The grill at the pool is excellent. Great burgers. Ate there each day except one when we tried the buffet. That day, we got here when it opened and they brought out a freshly cooked Turkey. Was amazing. Good variety of food at this time of day.

Italian restaurant- exellent.
Japanese - pretty good
Steak House - Excellent. -Carlos was waiter.
Buffet - Foood seemed bland at dinner time. Was only part of the food at anytime of stay that didn't do it for us.

Wide variety of wines. Each restaurant had a few different. French,Australian,Chilean,Argentinian.

Night time.
Thai Lounge - Martini Bar. what a place! Jose is the bartender. He takes Wednesdays off and maybe Thursdays.
2nd night and we found this place. I asked him to make me a drink. regular bacardi, vodka, (I think) lemonade,soda and then dark bacardi to top it off. Called it a Paradise Special. Not on drink menu. Tell him that he made it for Vancouver and his lovely wife.

Kept going back to this bar. When we walked in each night, no matter how busy it was, he knew what I wanted and had it made quickly. He also made sure he had a glass of soda water after the thrid one for my wife. remebered each time. even on nights , he was off, he passed onto other bartender how to make it and he did. He also likes making shooters and when you aren't looking, they appear in front of you.

Overall, this resort is excellent right now. Come April, it may change as the resort becomes part family oriented.

One great thing I liked was the WIFI capabilities. I had my ITouch and could access email and internet from pool side, beach side, lobby and room. No work just fun related and personal stuff.

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this is a great hotel they are well recognise and there service is one of the best
You will love this Resort, as with all of the other Palace Resorts, the Service and Standards are fantastic.... I highly recommend this resort to you... you won't want to leave.
one of the best in the area,better than some in the bahamas,you get good value for what you pay for.
This hotel has a lot to offer you, it is really near playa del Carmen and the service it’s really really good, I’m sure you wont be disappointed

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