What would you like to experience in a small town of Aizkraukle, Koknese and Skriveri?


Country: Latvia


I would suggest Vino Rosso - a small Italy in Latvia. It is a family run hotel with excellent food, atmosphere, wine ect. their web page is twitter/VinoRossoRozes
Let's start with Koknese, as it is exactly 100 km from the Latvian capital city of Riga by car or by bus. The village is small and you will not get very tired hiking around it. The main sites there are: the manor park (with a small Swedish cemetery) and the ruins of a medieval castle. The third one, Memorial Park, commmorating the Latvians who have died under occupation regimes in the past century, is still under construction but available for visiting, too. There is a good swimming pool in the local school nearby the manor park: you may be allowed to have swim perhaps, when you pay. In summer you may swim in the two rivers here, the Daugava and the Perse. Several cafes with authentic Latvian food available and worth visiting in the village.

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