Anybody knows where I can take young foreign kids for activities? apart from Splash and Fun water Park, bowling or the cinema?


Country: Malta


I think the Playmobil castle is still open, its fun from what I hear. You can also try visiting the Razzett Tal-hbiberija, they have animals and a few rides I believe (I'm not entirely sure). The beach is always a fun option for kids :-)
Hi,there are quite a lot of places to take kids in Malta. For example BayStreet, Mediterraneo dolphin park, The Knights Spectacular Show(with food and action including swordfighting,Knight to Turk fighting, horse shows, drama,singing and many more). Another beautiful place for kids is the little island of Comino with it's amazing Lagoon which colour catches the eye of all those who visit, the Castle which defended Malta and Gozo from Enemy invaders in Comino as well and the Malta Experience which you will find in the Capital city of Malta, Valletta which is an explanation on 7000 years of history with headphones and over 15 languages to choose from, Price is negotionable with those in charge of marketing.
Wish to hear from you as soon as possible and for any other requirments, do not hesitate to e-mail me again...I will be looking forward to help you.

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