Can you tell me the festivals that are held in Argentina durind the late summer to fall?

I'm looking for a festival similar as the Mardi Gras in or around Buenos Aires.


City: Buenos Aires

Autonomous city: Distrito Federal

Country: Argentina


Hi Barbara:
Well... I think, Mardi Gras is an awesome experience, because is not just the parade, is the people who go to see the Parade whit their customs... But let me tell you, how is our Carnival, is one of the most famous in the world is made in Gualeguaychu, Entre Rios State, every weekends on January, February, and the first weekend on March, so now it is over (sorry).... Those months here, is summer, so we do not put much clothes on ours bodies (haha), a lot of drinks like in NOLA, and party... party, day and night.... please take a look on this link...

Hi, Barbara!! As Rosana told you, here we have carnivals during the whole summer in `Entre Ríos´ province. It´s a nice economic city located right next to Paraná river. There are many beaches in Gualeguaychú and its surroundings where you could have spend sunny days.

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