Fun things to do in Latvia? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Latvia which tourists rarely experience?


Country: Latvia


for sure we are having a lot of fun with out amazing Latvian girls ;) and drinking good Latvaian beer...dancing, partying ;)
Aerodium wind tunnel with a strong vertical air stream which lets you fly is a great experience, a rare one indeed. It's not very far from the capital, though one needs transportation to get there.
There are a lot of Adventure parks, entertainment clubs, paintball clubs, aquapark, it is possible to fly with air balloon :) there are so many things to do!!!!
You should come on summer solstice time, Night of June 23/24 is very special for Latvians meaning more than Christmas. We have bonfires, ale and cheese, and are goint to seek a flower of fern, who finds it, will be happy till the last day.

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