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What are some fun things to do in Slovenia which tourists rarely experience?


Country: Slovenia


My personal favourites are:
-Taking a rubber boat trip through Križna jama (a Karst cave in the south of Slovenia). Reservations must be made beforehand since only 4 people fit in the boat and this is very individula experience. All the gears are provided on the spot.
-Climbing the Mangart(2679) on the more demanding Slovenian side and comming down the Italian side while enjoying the faboulous scenery taking your eyes over the mountain lakes and you might even see the legendary mountain goat with the golden horns "Zlatorog" if not in real life then for sure on the bottle of the Slovenian beer named after the legend.
- First visiting the spring of Soča in the Julian Alps and in the afternoon swimming, rafting in the Emmerald river Soča and afterward having the best and unique Soča marble trout for dinner (Salmo trutta marmoratus)- you might know the river from the Disney film Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian which was filmed there.
-Visiting the best festival in Slovenia - Festival Lent in Maribor from 26.6.-11.7.2009 with variety of more than 400 performers from around the globe (from folkart to jazz, from theatre to rock, pop and classical music, ballet and musical, not to forget sports and tasty food, exhibitions and colourful fireworks, all-night open air concerts, and a floating stage on the river Drava). While you spend the nights on Lent during the day you can sample excellent Slovenian wines and visit one of the wine cellar and get your picture taken in front of the oldest vine in the world. You can also get your adrenalin flowing faster by visiting the adrenalin park on Pohorje or just enjoy the hike through the forest of the Pohorje hills overlooking the city of Maribor. I suggest a full day hike to either Šumik a small waterfall on the top of Pohorje or to Črno jezero (the Black lake). As a picknick lunch don't forget to pack some pršut (prosciutto), buckwheat bread with wallnuts, a bottle of Piramida wine, potica (a cake with wallnuts to take on the way) and then stop at every cottage to sample borovničevec (blueberry liquor) to be followd by slivovka (plum brandy) and on your way down viljamovka (a brandy made from the pear Viljamovka which is grown in the bottle and later covered with brandy).
Don't forget that food is a very important part of Slovenian culture where every village has its own speciality.
Enjoy the adrenalin hikes my country has to offer and I promise you, that you'll get hooked.
In Ljubljana there are many interesting things to do. First and most important is to go on Ljubljana castle on tower to check all Ljubljana from the top. And a walk through the castle park is one of the most romantic things if you are visiting Ljubljana with your love. Then you can take a boat tour of Ljubljana on the river Ljubljanica (when you do that you dont need to take a clasical tourist tour through Ljubljana cos you have seen it all)... And if you are a bit alternative person you go to the best youth hostle in eu - Celica on Metelkova city (alternativ zone in Ljubljana). At night you can party there (different musical styles or just hang out). If you are not so alternative you can go to center of Ljubljana (Prešernov square) for a cup of coffee or for a walk. At night you can choose from different clubs with different music and ambients.
There are a lot of hidden corners in old Ljubljana so dont miss the oportunity for visiting our beautiful city. :)
VISIT BOTANICAL GARDEN. It is on walking distance from the center, there you can see a lot of flovers, trees, take a rest.
VISIT a place called "ŠPICA" where Ljubljanica river splits on two "rivers". You can walk there from the city center. Just follow Ljubljanica upstream. At ŠPICA are few boats parked and on these boats they serve food and drinks.
RENT A BIKE; I would really suggest to every tourist to rent a bike at a Tourist information center. It is cheap and the best way of transport.
BTC CITY; visit this huge shopping center. It is possible that you have never been to such a big area where you have just shops (over 450 shops). You can visit it by city bus or bike (walking would take you too long) . There is also a huge water center, multiplex cinema, bars, restaurants, bowling, ... and 8.000 parking spaces. Public busses 2,7, 12 or 27 will bring you there. Exit at CITYPARK bus stop.
WEB SITE: and here is official web site of Ljubljana
BIZELJSKO, wine region in east part of Slovenia, on the border with Croatia. If you like wine, unspoiled nature, genuine village people and village surrounding, you should go there. You reach this area in 1 hour 20 minutes from Ljubljana center. Use motorway towards Zagreb, take an exit for BREZICE and in Brezice turn right for BIZELJSKO.

In Bizeljsko village, in center, is an old restaurant called SEKORANJA. There you can get really delicious old Slovenian food. You have also other restaurants on the way.

Then what is the reason to invite you to BIZELJSKO are "repnice". REPNICE are unique places, where people hundred years ago and more (no refridgeratorst that time) stored what their land gave them (apples, potatoe, turnips...) BTW: Turnip = repa; word "repnice" is made from the word "repa = turnip". You could say that turnips were stored in these caves. Now we know that we are talking about caves. The caves are made by hands of owners. Some hills in BIZELJSKO area are made of fine sand (a long time ago there was a sea). It is easy to dig a hole in this sand (you can do it with a spoon). When you dig long enough, you make a cave. Then you put door on this cave and have nature refridgerator. Today this caves are bigger and longer and are used to store wine and to serve the wine to tourists. So, I would invite you to REPNICE. You will see traffic signs by the road so no need to worry. Repnice have also added names of owners.

Then you have in the region Bizeljsko a sparkling wine producer called ISTENIC . They offer a lot of different very good sparkling wines, they offer rooms for guests and food.

BIZELJSKO castle is another thing to see and have a glass of wine in their cellar and get some great views.

From Bizeljsko you have 20 minutes in three directions three water and spa centres: AQUALUNA & OLIMIA in Podčetrtek, TUHELJSKE TOPLICE in Tuhelj (Croatia) and ČATEŠKE TOPLICE or TERME ČATEŽ in Čatež. There is also a golf course in Podčetrtek (15 km from Bizeljsko)

Bled is a great starting point for many trekking tours or shorter hikes....there are many "hiddenfromthetouristeye" places....just around here: Slap Iglica (beautiful waterfall and gorge, Jama pod Babjim zobom - fantastic cave), Sirarska pot - the route of the cheese production, Schnapps tasting :) - if you get in contact with the right locals, you can try and buy over 50 different sorts of homemade schnapps, honey-products and other homemade goods... :) Just for a taste....there's much more

so u are here till june no? So u can visit our mountains or just our lakes in Bohinj and Bled. Bled is more a romantic place but Bohinj on the other side is for people who like to stay in shape. You can climbe, ride a bike, go canoing...For adventure you can go to Solkan near Nova Gorica and do a bungyjumping from a bridg. Or You can do rafting on the Soča river...

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