Fun things to do in Czech Republic? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Czech Republic which tourists rarely experience?


Country: Czech Republic


Depending on your taste and when you are coming, I could suggest any mountain area (the whole country except the east/south east is surrounded by mountains) for (cross-country) skiing/snowboarding or hiking, (mountain) biking, a (multiple day) any sort of music - but folk is a local speciality - festival at a castle (ruins) location (with medieval sword fighting), small village fairs with rides and other attractions, canoeing (e.g. ), lakeside camping, preparing local specialities out of hand-picked forest mushrooms, weekend workshop/garden do-it-yourselving...I'm sure my Localyte peers will come up with more ;o)...
To answer your question I should know your personality and intersts. Czechs are very active and sports oriented people, that's why they actually prefer outdoor activities - all the hiking and cycling etc...
if you're more into cultural life, so there are numerous festivals or exhibitions which take place in Prague. Czechs really love going to the theatres.Young people are not into operas, so they prefer seing plays.
There is also another action in Prague, which takes place at Prague's Vystaviste, and it is called Matejska pout' - An amusement park with numerous attractions, animation and fun things to do.
Another specific feature of the czech nation - is to gather with friends in pubs to drink beer, debate about different things and sometimes follow the TV broadcasting football and hockey.
As you come to our country, you surely find many interesting things to do
go to Reduta jazz club..u must go to U FLEKU /9local restaurant home made beer and good local very local show)
go to zizkov (3 minutes from center) enter any local bar/pub have some good drink and............... enjoy
I think the famous fact about czech people is drinking beer. If you like beer, i would recommend you to visit a pub called Beer Factory. Each table has its own tap/faucet and can challenge other table cause the actual ammount of drunken beer is displayed on a wall. See more on
agreed with petra, lakeside camping or even better to rent a canoe and travel down berounka or vltava...

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