Fun things to do in Netherlands? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Netherlands which tourists rarely experience?


Country: Netherlands


Hi there, come to the South and go on the picknckboat, ride a bike, vistit the parks etc. See my pages, for suggestions in / around Breda.
Just a random selection of what pops into my head right now:
- 'Mudwalking', or also known as marshland hiking (wadlopen) from the mainland to some of our West Frisian islands during lowtide.
- Exploring picturesque Utrecht's innercity canals by canoe. Rentalstation: "Rijnstroom Kano- en Roeibootverhuur", Weg naar Rhijnauwen 2, Utrecht. Phone: +31 (0)30-252 13 11
- Staying on basic, quiet nature campsites, often in or near national parks: . They're maintained by among others Staatsbosbeheer, the country's official caretaker over Dutch landscape and national parks. Then, pitching your tent in at farmers' terrains: and .
- Cycling along the River Vecht.
- Visting castles and fortresses, often situated in less touristy regions. (eg Slot Loevestein, Muiderslot, Kasteel De Haar, Boertange).
- Cycling along Unesco heritage site 'Stelling van Amsterdam', a thread of some 40 strongholds, ancient defense bunkers and waterways, in the old days designed to flood a wide area around Am*dam in order to protect it from attacking armies: & & & .
- Visit peculiar fairytale themepark De Efteling:
- Visit the picturesque region of southern Limburg province.
- Buy a half-price ticket for a cultural performance at Am*dam's .
That's it for now.
I have heard of underground meetings where the beer is cheaper than words..
- Walking in nature, such in heath(land) or forests;
- Bicycle ride through nature;
- Visiting some old (ancient) cities: such as Middelburg, Nijmegen (oldest city in The Netherlands), Delft for example;
- Visiting some old fortresses throughout the country;
- Hop in a car and just drive, too some where. No destination on forehand;
- Plane spotting at the airport;
Go to the Church Disco :D
Go to the parks outside the city centre by bike, which u can rent in the city centre and enjoy the Amsterdam way of life, Westerpark is the best park by the way!!
One of the fun things to do which tourists rarely get to experience is going to the markets. All the towns have them and they sell everything you need at a cheaper cost aswell as the typical Dutch products like the cheeses, fruits and vegetables and other kinds of typical Dutch foods such as poffertjies and krokets.
Plenty of places where lots of people go where others stay away from... Did you get to find them? It would be interesting to know your experience and what you may have discovered that brought unforgettable moments you consider, typically Dutch?
Go to Broek-in-waterland, about 10km from Amsterdam by bus and rent a canoe or electric boat and discover the 'waterland', a huge nature reserve, mostly only accessible by water.

Go to the top of the public library in Amsterdam to the La Place restaurant for the best view of Amsterdam with a very reasonably priced coffee.

Take the free ferries from behind Central Station, for a free sighseeing trip east and west along the Ij!

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