Fun things to do in Malta? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Malta which tourists rarely experience?


Country: Malta


Well I am not from Malta, and You can enjoy drinking a delicious wine in the Maltese Bars, or else you can eat a delicious pizza that Maltese do, even i can teach you some words :

Yes: Iva

No: Le

Bonju : good morning,

How are you? means Kif int?

Every Maltese say : Oh right all the time... you can say that, saying: OH RIGHT HI!

And at the last of the sentences you can add "TA" ( Does not mean anything but you can do that)

And you can visit all the beautiful beaches in here,

Have a nice holdidays!
so sweet!
BEACH HOPPING !..... rent a small boat (for 4 persons) and make your way around the coast stopping for a swim at the various beaches ! Excellent fun. Take lots of water with you coz it gets hot !!
visit small villages, get a cup of tea from the local bandclub, just sit back and watch the world go by

Try maltese dates - mqaret (from valletta), pea cakes and cheese cakes - pastizzi (sold in every village!)

Depends on the season you are coming.

If in Summer:
a) Definitely enjoy our beaches. I recommend Ghadira Bay (in Mellieha), in my opinion it is the best bay we have (although it will be crowded)..but that is experienced by every for the rarest experience:
b) Rent a boat from Cirkewwa, visit our sister islands Gozo and Comino. Comino has one of the best sea's of the world (Google Blue Lagoon and check for yourself). Gozo is a very quiet island with a lot of greenery, but also has some pretty beaches.
c) If you like watersports we have alll kinds of watersports too... including paragliding/bana rides/speedboat rides..anything :)
d) Of course for the evening there is Paceville (in St Julians) which is a town full of nightclubs, restaurants, and people!
e)If you are into culture, Malta wont disappoint as well. We have Megalithic temples, old churches, bastions..

IF you are coming in Winter:

You can do all of the above except watersports :)

Do not hesitate to ask more ;)
Go for a 'Fenkata'. That means go for a meal of rabbit where the Maltese go. (Not in touristy areas). e.g. The Gold Lion' Bar in Rabat or any of the several rabbit places.
Rabbit is really very like chicken in texture and flavour. We Maltese cook it in lots of garlic and red wine. Most important is the atmosphere with lots of noisy, happy people.
You can eat a sandwitch with pease, which is specific to Malta.(at least I think so..)
You can go fishing in St Julien's at 4am in the small harbour, and hope for some small fish to catch ;)
DEEP SEA DIVING ESPECIALLY NIGHT DIVES ARE THE BEST. You will need to be experienced for night dives but we have some of the best underwater caves in the med!

Any type of water sports can be discovered here and some can be done during the winter months - depending on the sport of course.

Somebody has already mentioned rabbit houses there is a cool venue up in dingli that not only offers great food, great atmosphere but fab views too.

Go off roading and discover areas that are difficult to visit by any other means. take a picnic lunch it will be worth the trip.

And thats just the tip of the iceberg.
WEll depends on the season I guess,

if you are up for some restaurant try THe TREES, they have the biggest burger, suasage and even a whole rabbit. Also they have vikings night which is extreemly cool. you gather up with your friends and have lunch/dinner and when the bell goes off you have to throw food at each other.

In summer be sure to visit Comino!! Its a small island but pretty cool and fun and obviously visit Crystal Lagoon which is in comino! has the coolest sea which you can swim in
- Taking some beer and the numerous band / social clubs around the villages where they serve also loads of finger food (tapas style) for free. An example is Caccu Social Club in Qormi ( )

- Before entering Valletta (facing the gate), go to the left, there are some kiosk, and there is one just for dates (mqaret). Its a must you try them :) - they are extremely cheap too :)

- Church hopping, we have soem of the most beautiful churces around

- Get the view of Malta from Top of the World

- Walk through the Three Cities (which are really small) streets to feel yourself taken back in history, observe also the numerous niches. You can also loose yourself in the quiet side streets of Valletta, far from noisy busy Valletta

- Here in Malta we are quiet laid back - so if you really want to enjoy Malta DO relax ;)

Malta Experience - it's near the St.Elmo Fort area, on the right side of the Mediterranean House Of Conference in Valletta

Mdina - so called ' The Silent City' which is in the abouts of Rabat

but for more visit (has more detailed info)
Well Malta has some of the finest Wining and Dining establishments in the Med. Clubing is a must in Summer compares with Ayanapa, Ibiza and the Spanish White Coast. Rock Climbind, Abseiling,and all kinds of wate sports is a local favorite pass time with youngsters and alike.
Many other have gave you good info on what fun things to do in Malta, I am trying to think of few others that have not been mentioned, such as a typical family gathering during the village festa, try to get involved with someone's family at festa time, voluntary work at Bidnija farm house, this is where they keep hourses and dogs, you could take out for a walk a dog or pay few euros to ride a hourse, a visit to the biggest cimetery in Malta the Adollorata Cimetery, its not fun to be in a grave yard but the monuments and tumbstones can be very interesting to see and finally a typical dish is Bebbux - snails, try it out in traditional bars, band clubs etc.
Come in the heat of July and August. Rent a car so you can stay out till late. Get some information on the 'Festas' which are held almost every weekend in different villages and get a taste of the traditional music, the delicious food, and the beautiful fireworks. In the morning, go beach hopping across the Island. Do not expect hundreds of sandy beaches, but look for beautiful rocky places which are less crowded and much more wonderful to enjoy (but are everywhere along the coast)
you will find something in particular any time you will visit malta:

Spring - Summer: easter time: one can experience cultural stuff going on at this particular time, usually beutiful weather, walks in the countryside, ghajn tuffieha beach is a must whenever you come! hitory.....very rich in history and
beach life during summer is fun! Gozo and Commino should not be missed. i recommend you visit Comino after 4pm..... i would escape the sun...there is not much of places to shad in! but it is dfinetly a must. diving!! oh wied iz- zurrieq has an awesome seebed to discover...outdoor June w have IMNARJA .....a typical maltese traditonal feast!...not to be missed is a show /competition of animals, vegetables, fruits...and a horticulture show in may at the maltese president's garden.
in summer we have a feast celebrated every weekend aorund malta. and beer festivals and wine fetivals are also organised at this time of year!! hmmmm

winter can be enjoyed in wine bars, cultural weekends, walks, coffes shops in mdina, markets in Rabat and in marsaxlokk....and what about dining... you should visit a particular place in mosta....all maltese food and traditonal enertainment at a high service. all year evetns/drama theatre/concerts:

you will not find all this and the warm attitude of most of the maltese people anywhere else! when are you coming to malta?

should you need further information please email me on

fenkata is not to be missed....some place in mgarr!! like farmers bar in zebbiegh
you can also dance or learn salsa
you can learn scuba diving in our blue waters
and if you want some more adrenalin abseiling is also a good adventure
you can also dance or learn salsa
you can learn scuba diving in our blue waters
and if you want some more adrenalin abseiling is also a good adventure
you can also dance or learn salsa
you can learn scuba diving in our blue waters
and if you want some more adrenalin abseiling is also a good adventure
Go to a bar in one of the local villages before lunch-time, say at about noon, order a drink at the bar and enjoy some delicious appetisers! You will also meet some authentic locals who are very friendly and who will happily communicate with you in English with a heavy Maltese accent. If interested, you may even end up with a friend for the rest of your / his (!) life. Men will probably talk to you about local politics, life in Malta when we were a British colony, etc until you become an expert on recent Maltese history... according to ???.
Don't leave Malta without visiting the sister island of Gozo, Ghawdex in Maltese... promounced owdesh. Again, visit the quaint villages and mix with the locals in the little bars.
If you're in your teens or twenties, or young at heart, a visit to Paceville is a must. You'll find lots of bars, restaurants, discos, night clubs, as well as a Jazz Bar that's been around for many years. This is BJs, which is run by a friend of mine, Philip.
Enjoy your visit to Malta and let your friends know what a lovely time you had!
If you're coming towards the Summer months, do visit one of the pretty village feasts scattered around the island every week. Do some homework before so you know which feast is being celebrated where. It's an experience watching the local world go by as they celebrate religious feasts with beautiful man-made statues of saints, some of which are made out from tree trunks, spectacular fireworks adorn the sky at night, traditional bands lead the processions with people following in adoration, and the majestic churches so beautifully lit and decorated with flowers and tapestries. You must also try local delicacies such as the 'qubbajd' a sweet mixture found on typical stalls where it's also possible to try out the stuff for free and it may also be a good souvenir treat for those at home. One of my favourite feasts in Malta is that of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Valletta, on the 15/16th July. The church hosts the grand dome you see on the skyline of Valletta if you're in the Gzira / Sliema area. From the inside it's a brilliant work of architectural art. Going back to the feast itself, make sure you taste mqaret made out of dates and pastry. While you're there, try entering a local band club and migle with the locals and do try a Hobza biz-Zejt (local bread with a tuna mixture)and while you're at it, ask for a 'gbejna' (a soft or peppered cheeselet made out of pasteurised goat's milk.) Take it down with a Cisk lager, or a Kinnie, a local soft drink made out of bitter oranges. Mingle with the locals as they revel in their festivities and you'll get a good taste of the Maltese talents, festivities and way of life. :)
ps should you need a LICENSED local tourist guide to take you on this journey and more, feel free to contact me.
If you need more info, just ask.
There are some many things to do....depends on your mood : if you want to have fun go to Paceville, where you can find the best discos / clubs in Malta.

If you like swimming you can enjoy our sun and beaches.
If you want some cultural visit, Malta is full of historic places.

See you soon to Malta
Summer times are best in Malta as you can enjoy our secluded golden sandy beaches, try snorkeling or scuba diving

Go on a day trip on a sailing boat or cruiser and see Malta from a different perspective.

Visit a festa (feast) night

"night life" at its best at Paceville in summer

Make sure you visit Gozo and Comino - sister islands of Malta and eat at a waterpolo club restuarant like Otters in Gozo or Sirens in Malta

Visit Valletta and Mdina - lots of things to see there - the Kights of St.John left plenty of places to visit

As regards to our secret habits errr I cannot tell you about them otherwise they will not be a secret any more haha ..... but if you make friends with locals here they will make sure that you don't miss any of the fun here

Happy Holidays :)
Well it depends when you'll be coming to visit Malta and what type of activities you like going!

Valletta is the must-see capital city! Whatever you want to do, Valletta will provide! Valletta is full of shops, restaurants, bars, a cinema, shopping centers, banks, cultural centers and much more!

The first thing you have to do is drinking the popular Maltese beer - CISK in one of the local pubs (for low prices). Once you're there you must try out the other local beers, such as Blue Label and Hopeleaf.

Another activity that all locals do is SWIMMING. Malta is a small island making it easy for the locals to go to the beach. Popular sandy beaches as Golden Bay, Pretty Bay and Ghadira. If you prefer rocky beaches, Exiles in Sliema (Ballutta) is the most popular.

Another item that many of the locals do every week is going to a local church or chapel. Malta and Gozo are surrounded by a number of chapels and churches which instill peace and tranquility in one's heart when you enter. The most popular and beautifully designed churches are the Cathedrals of Mdina and Valletta. However, the small chapels around the island are more quiet, since they are usually located in a valley or on the outskirts of a village.

Mdina is another gem of the Maltese islands. This city a.k.a. the silent city is another popular trip that us Maltese do during the weekends be it with family or friends. Here, you will have an amazing view of the surrounding villages and valleys while you enjoy a meal in the square.

Gozo - Malta's sister island is a popular destination with us locals. Many go to Gozo as a cheap holiday. Being calmer than Malta, Gozo enjoys the beautiful nature and underdeveloped villages.

Comino - another island - is very popular with the locals during summer time, when we take a boat to the island and spend a day swimming in the Blue Lagoon.

Ta Qali - this is the place where people go for picnics, to watch a football game at the stadium, to watch the making of pottery or glass objects, to make a bargain at the Sunday market and much more.

Marsaxlokk - the Maltese fishing village where you can make a bargain at the village fish market on Sundays.

If you like disco's and late nights out, then you must visit Paceville in St. Julians. this is the place were people hang out to go to discos, pubs and restaurants or even to watch a film.

Well these are the main attractions that we Maltese usually do ... if something else comes to mind and add another post! Cja
Speak the language: Maltese!

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