Fun things to do in Hungary? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Hungary which tourists rarely experience?


Country: Hungary


Funny things to do in Hungary:
1, Go in fantastic spas and thermal bathes, enjoy open hot pools
2, Visit the restaurants, eaters and csarda rural restaurants for specialities: gulyas, paprika chicken, stuffed paprika and many others
3, Find the spirit of past golden age coffee houses for good cakes, strudel and other specialities,
4, Explore the rural county side with horse farms and horse back riding
5, Find the most northers Ottoman turkish monuments
6, Find the UNESCO listed world heritage sides
Discover the labyrinths in Castle District.
Go for a walk to the Normafa.
Check out the "Libegő".
And go to the Morrison's on Monday night.
-special tourgides in the night time, in pubs, in the special olr areas

-spas, what are not only for the locals, but..:)

- horse riding, "puszta" feeling:)

- castles, forsets,

Depending on what you like - and the season, of course.
Turkish baths are a must.
Nordic walking in the Budapest hills, 10 min. from downtown.
Visiting cultural centers with fine dining, e.g. the Ludwig Museum and its surroundings.
Go to "ruin pubs", as locals call them.
I would like to know the participant. Is it a family or a single person or a couple?
For families definitely go to the fames amusement park in Budapest witch is located next to the zoo. End of the zoo visit you can find a great playground for the kids witches is located next to the zoo throughout a small door.
If you are a couple you can walk on the Andrasi Street where you can fill the history of this town, with the a culinary tour. And of the street you would find (Saturday sand Sundays) a flea market. In summer time definitely Balaton!
For single persons is a great area on the List Ferenc square with lot of coffee house and bars where you would never be bored. On Fridays end Saturdays great house parties in the fames Turkish bath called Rudas, here you experience the bathing ceremony on the same time you would listen to the best D.J from Europe. And of course meet the locals.
go to any of the ruin pubs - szimpla, szóda, kuplung, mélypont, csendes, mumus, instant..

sit on top of the tunnel, facing the chain bridge (it's a bit dangerous when you have to crawl through the barbed wire recently put there but it's definitely worth a try!)

spending a few weeks at Balaton

for those who love psytrance: O.Z.O.R.A. it's a must! the best festival in the region, beautiful surroundings, sunshine, trance...
Take a tour of the Hungarian wine regions.
You must try our famous Thermal Bath, and going out from the city to the lovely village of Szentendre, If you have a chance to travel further go to Heviz, another thermal place.
If you like fresh foods and cooking, Budapest has many indoor markets that are well worth checking out. These are also great places to buy gifts such as Tokai (Desert Wine) and the famous Hungarian Téliszalámi. The market most known to the tourist is the Grand Market Hall in Budapest. While a definite must-see I would also recommend some of the markets only the locals go to, such as the market on Hunyadi Square (VI-District) and the market in Hold Street (V-District). The best time to go is on Saturday, before noon (as they close shortly thereafter). Enjoy! :)
A fun thing to do: try aquaparks!

this one is open all year (indoor slides)

which is open only in the summer.It has many slides and the landscape where it is situated is beautiful ! Try to avoid really warm Saturdays and Sundays so that you avoid crowd.
Have fun!
ruined pubs that still keeps the atmosphere of the old Budapest: Szimpla, Pótkulcs, Szóda, Instant

Go out to an outdoor club, in summer there are no indoor ones. Check these ones out: Romkert, Holdudvar, Buddha Beach, or Hajógyári Sziget with dozens of discos on one island.

Go to Széchenyi fürdő- outdoor spa, absolutely awesome sitting in the pool in summer and having a sunbath :)

Eat a Túró Rudi and drink a bottle of Meggy Márka or Traubi Szóda!

Get on troli Number 77 from the synagogue- there is no other place where you can try machine like this: at least 50 years old, if not more!
Go to Római Beach and eat a delicious hekk (fried fish) and drink a cold beer while enjoying the beautiful scenery of river Danube.
Visit the Zwack Factory, and drinking Unicum and different palinkas while come to know it's story and preparing process

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