Fun things to do in Romania? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Romania which tourists rarely experience?


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Driven horse carts through fantastic mountain landscapes or on a very bad roads with holes in asphalt...
Driving horse carts through fantastic mountains and landscapes or on very bad roads with holes in asphalt...
visit nice, remote villages and participate in traditional events. Eat mamaliga with sarmale and drink palinca (moonshine)..
i have one advice for you, just visit . there you will find the kind of "tourism" as close as possible to the romanian spirit and existance.
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I hope you can understand that we can not tell you " OURT SECRET THINGS" :)
But, the best way to find all the fun is to visit Romania! :)
Well....the winter holidays have some delightful cuisine customs, especially in Transylvanian remote villages such as "the pig's dinner" when somentime before Christmas the whole family sacrifices the pig and prepares it for storage. Now that the celebration of the Resurection of Christ is coming, a rather strange and funny custom is that of the kids that go sprinkling perfume on neighbour women and relatives.They get money for doing that too ,and according to me it has nothing to do with religion.
The list could go on but I have to stop for now.Should anyone be interested in a sequel or details of this, just drop me an email.
Traditions in Moldova
From the occupational point of view the dominant aspect of the life is pastoral, the grazing being agro-pastoral, in mountainous sites during winter, sometimes pendulous - wintering in the villages and sometimes double pendulous - wintering in the pastures areas. The pastoral life keeps here many rituals, taboos and magic practices, hold from ancient times.

The intensive exploitation of the forests and of the copper ore in the commune's subsoil began after the Austrian occupation has occurred. These activities take place even today though with modern and evolved means.

We remind you that a rudimentary form of "economy" is practiced here: potatoes and vegetables cultures, harvesting natural products, lime production, carrying trade, smith's work, horse shoeing, wheel writing, cooperage, joinery, shingle and scale modelling, carpentering, bees swarming, fishing, hunting.

The so-called "close economy" - around the house - is still characterized by ancient craftiness: processing textile fibbers, weaving, furriery, coarse - stuff peasant coat and opinca (peasant sandals kind of) making, sewing and embroidering. All the peasant craftiness use raw materials provided by the zoo technology. More and more the craftiness is practiced by specialized individuals fact that made no harm to the oneness quality of each item necessary around the house or each item of the traditional garb.

A special place in the local civilization is taken by the artistic woodcarving.

The plastic popular art embraces and other forms of manifestation: eggs painting, popular masks manufacturing, painting icons on glass.
If you want to know more, visit:
Well, I think, there are a lot of traditions, you can enjoy woodcarving, camping, painting furnitures and of course eating traditional foods. We have beautiful mountains to climb and places with a rich history behind.
There are many things to and to see: traditions, festivals, museums, parks, quiet places, local traditional food, historical places, old buildings, churches, fortress, mountain walking, climbing, depending on the wish of the tourist.
My answer would have to be to go to the mountains into the small villages and catch a peasant festval there or go to the Danube Delta and stay in a remote village where you can only go by boat.
Once you get one in Romania to have maximum fun part. Visit Prahova Valley in winter and summer Black Sea coast.
In Bucharest ... I would say take a long walk in the old center in Lipscani area... is like walking in anothe world , sometime at the beginging of the 1900 with small and charming shops and boutiques and ofcourse shop vintage stuff :-D
In Bucharest ... I would say take a long walk in the old center in Lipscani area... is like walking in anothe world , sometime at the beginging of the 1900 with small and charming shops and boutiques and ofcourse shop vintage stuff :-D
You must probably be bored by the famous clubs or another common way to have fun. My advice is to book a trip to a romanian village in Bucovina or Maramures and over there u will discover not only wonderful traditions, but also fun things to do...only in Romania....:)
Well, what does it mean fun and what does it mean secret?!...what is secret today?!...
check out . com. this is the genuine romanian adventure travelling
you can have fun participating to some traditional events in the country-side. around easter for example
Even though a bit late, I would suggest a trip to the muddy volcanoes. It's an unique phenomenon- gas meeting water underground, and popping at the surface, creating small volcanoes. It's interesting and fun too, because no one leaves the place without getting dirty :). The area is about 150km from Bucharest, near Buzau.
There isn't any secret things to do actually, we 'locals' like to travel in the country, Romania is very beautiful in spring and summer, i recommend that you visit Sibiu and Sighisoara, check out the history of the places, it's very nice.Go to Bucegi Mountains, up to the "Sphynx" and Babele "the Old Ladies", Danube also is a great experience.Learn a little about the romanian history and culture before.Have a great time!
A very interesting (and fun!) thing one can do in Romania is to visit a pottery making studio, and participate in pottery making. In Radauti, in the Etnographic Museum, there is the Colibaba Pottery Studio, where tourists can see the skilled craftsmen making pottery right there – and they can also try to make pottery on their own! In Bucharest, the Romanian Peasant’s Museum hosts a small piece of the Romanian peasants’ world, freezed in time in the beautiful park in which the Museum is located.

The earliest ceramics in Romania date back in the beginning of the third milleniun BC. Perhaps the most famous Romanian pottery is the Horezu pottery, originating from the village of Horezu, which hosts an annual pottery fair. All the colours used by traditional Romanian potters are of natural origin. Pottery making implies hard work, strength, craft and knowledge. The chromatics of pottery preserve ancient traditions.

Here are a few links to find out more about Romanian pottery.

Pottery making at Colibaba Pottery Studio in Radauti

Traditional Pottery Making in Romania
Wow... a huge list can be developed here ...

1 Being in a horse-pulled cart at the countryside, but the traditional one.
2 Going at animal fairs
3 Jogging with the dogs

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