what is the best way to get good deal accomodation in singapore? i will be traveling there on end of june till beginning of july with...

...a wife and 2 children (5 n 2 years old), also with my sisters family. Also what are the must see places there?


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The best way to get a good accommodation depends on your budget & requirements For eg. are you particular about location, facilities in the hotel etc...
It seems that you are coming in a big group and the best way is to either book a service apartment or check out the classified ads on is part of the Straits Times). They have advertisers who allow for short term rentals. The other website to check out is , I always managed to get at least 20% off rack rates and sometimes promo rates as well.

Some of the must-see places are
1) Singapore Zoological gardens
2) Sentosa
3) Singapore Flyer
4) Little India
5) Bugis night markets, opposite the Bugis MRT station
Hope this helps.
Since you're travelling in such a big group (two family), you might want to save the $ on accomodation by going to value for money hotels, Singapore is not that big and you can get taxis (cab) anywhere. The money you'll saved from getting a cheap hotel will surpass the cost for taxis (cab).

Try hotels like Hotel81 (exclude the branches in joo chiat and geylang,it's sleazy. Others are not bad) And (I always passby this hotel,but i'm not sure how much it cost to stay, but it looks like a place to rest, not much facilities and it look small, so you can spend your money on other stuffs)

Must see places will be...
Sentosa, VivoCity,Orchard Road, Botanical Garden, Clarke Quay (for night life, good night view, pubs,clubs,malls)
there are quite a number of must-see places in singapore. For families like yours, I'd recommend the following:

- Singapore Zoo (i work there! it's a great place for kids, especially the Rainforest KidzWorld)
- Night Safari (only one of its kind in the world!)
- Jurong Birdpark
- Sentosa
- the Asian Civilizations Museum (i used to work there as a docent!)
- the Marina bay area
- Orchard Road (because it's THE tourist area)
- Fort Canning Hill
- Smith Street (great food)
- Chinatown/Little India

If you're able to take some time away from the kids, I'd also recommend the following places:
- Raffles Hotel
- Clarke Quay
- Geylang (great food and um, a little insight into the gritty side of Singapore)

As for accomodation, I'm not too sure what to recommend as I've been living with my parents forever. Most of the hotels are great and transport's good here so you don't have to worry about location at all.

Hope this helps, and please feel free to ask anymore questions!
For accomodation in spore, my budget is around 50 to 100 sing$ a night a room. might need about 3 to 4 rooms since we are travelling in a big group. What i mean by best way for good deal is how to get a good deal at good hotel with that limited budget. how to find good hotel or accomodation with good discount? is it better to book now, or later at last minute? or book now for first 2 day and search later there in singapore for rest of the holiday?

thanks all for the must see recommendation :)
you can try booking a chalet, but you'll require the help of a local, with NTUC Membership to book it.

Otherwise, since you're staying for about 2 weeks, you can try looking for rental of flats instead ?
If you're looking for a no-frills hotel, your best bets would be the chain of Hotel 81 or Fragrance hotels. Granted, most of them are located in the sleazy districts of Singapore but some are in the city district. Rates are from $69 (Geylang side, redlight area) to about $129 off peak per night for a standard room (you can ask for double single beds).

- they have a branch in town at Selegie.
- many locations, mostly in town.

Otherwise, most of the hotels above this range would start from at least $250 a night, which I do not think is worth it since with kids, you'd probably want to bring them around to entertain them as much as possible.

Must see places include :

1) The zoo. We are always complimented by tourists for having a wonderful zoo - no cages! And this will fill a day for your kids.

2) Singapore Science Centre. Educational for both kids and adults!

3) Sentosa Island. Be sure to visit the Underwater World and the Dolphin Lagoon - the pink dolphins are there!

4) Orchard Road. For a look at our shopping district.
5) Escape Theme Park and Wild Wild Wet.

6) Go to Pasir Ris Park (which is near the two parks above) or East Coast Park for some cycling, rollarblading or just hanging out at the beach and getting dinner there.

I am assuming you are from a seasonal country, in which case if you need to escape from the heat of Singapore you might wish to make a trip to Snow City. It is a permanent indoor snow centre where you can ski and snowboard.
Hey, I've been to Singapore twice from Vietnam, and this is where I've booked the room: . Room from $S20!
Best accomodation:
Hotel 81 cheap & good

Must see places:
Downtown East Entertainment Place
Duck Tour
Singapore Flyer
Go kart Ride
Geylang Serial Village
Science centre
Many more depends on ur budget ...
All the experts hv answer ur question. There's lots of places to visits when u r in S'pore. Other places that didnt mention here is, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. It's 163 hectares and the highest hill at 164m. Free guided tours depend on the day and your kids will be charmed by the long-tailed macaques.Pulau Ubin,Chek Jawa,Sentosa,Kusu Island,St.John's Island,Pulau Hantu & Sisters' Island is an island which also the best attraction, away from busy street.You can even visit the Big Splash,The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum,Tan Moh Hong Reptile Skin & Crocodile Farm.
Hope you and your families will enjoy visiting S'pore. Hv fun and do bring home souveniers.
PLaces you might want to go to with the family..
1.The City Hall Area
Here you can visit a couple of places;actually many at just one stop.
-Suntec city Mall; you can visit the Fountain of Wealth here, they say its good for the well-wishers
-The Esplanade theater; great photo opportunity as it overlooks the Singapore River and the Merlion is also close by. Within walking distance is also the cenotaph which commemorates the heroes in the world war.
-Museums that are located in the area includes Asian Civilisation Museum,Peranakan museum, National museum etc.
(those my personal picks for museums!The others, I can't really appreciate them.)

2.Orchard Road
Need I say more?..this is the shopping place for tourist!

3.Bugis Village(at Bugist mrt station)
A MUST go for good bargains!

4.Chinatown, Little India(Take the train from the North East Line. Both have respective stations.)
Great for cultural experience. At Little India, you have to try their food. Go vegetarian...I think thats the Best! You may try dining at Anandha bhavan Restaurt or Komala villas Restaurt. These r vegetarian and cheap.Mus try: Battura,Poori, Rawa masala thosai(personal favourites!)

4.Kampong Jawa(at Sultan Mosque)-located near Bugis Mrt.
For architectural experience.Great photo opportunity.

5.Tourist attractions
-Singapore Zoo; Best! No need to visit the Jurong Bird Park; you might regret going, cos I did!Food not easily available and when you bring children..guess that's an important requirement!
-Sentosa; if you want nicer beach experience..just head there. East Coast not as nice but good family atmosphere...and getting food here is no problem!

As for transportation:
Bus and trains are cheap,convenient and come at regular intervals.Here, most shopping malls are located just above the MRT stations so you don't have to worry about wet weather etc. Taxis are rather pricey and if you were to travel in the ERP zones at the times that its working(city area), you might need to pay for them on top of your taxi fares.

Accommodation: can't help you very much in dat. I havne not stayed in that many hotels in Singapore.

Hope this helps...Wish you an enjoyable stay in Sg!

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