Hello! I travel to Athens for 4 days this month. Can you give me an advice for restaurants, clubs, shopping? Can you also tell me how...

...i arrive in the center of the town Athens (Monastriaki Metro station) from airport?


City: Athens

Region: Attiki

Country: Greece


Athens for only four days? What a pity! :) First, to get from the airport to Monastiraki, you will take the blue line (line 3) all the way. From Monastiraki you'll have access to all of the best things to do in the city. For shopping, after coming out of the metro station walk straight ahead and you'll find Ermou Street. Follow it all the way up to Syntagma and it becomes a pedestrian road lined with fashionable stores. For souvenirs, stick to Monastiraki and Plaka.

There are several excellent restaurants in Kolonaki and the area around the Hilton, but for traditional Greek food, again, you'll find it in Monastiraki and Plaka. At the square and Mitropolios Street are some of the oldest souvlaki/ gyro places in the city.

The best clubs are in Psyrri and Gazi. Psyrri is the neighborhood behind Athinas Street. Gazi is the area you get to if you continue down Ermou past the old antique dealers until it becomes pedestrian again. You'll see factory towers jutting up into the skyline and that's how you know you're there. "Gazi" is named for the old gas factory that has now been made into trendy cafes and clubs. There are lots of cultural events that take place there as well.

Don't forget to do the usual stuff with all of your eating, dancing and shopping! Take a tour to make the most of your short time. It's worth it.
Just to add in Paige advices:
- for clubbing i would go to Mercedes club at Peiraios street (near to benaki museum)
- for shopping definately Ermou street(starts from syntagma) or big center as the Mall (train stop:neratziotisa)
- re restaurant i would go to laier man at gazi,with music as small bar (metro stop: kerameikos)
Hope this helps!
cheers ioanna
Good night clubs along the southern coast of Athens, as well as nice tavernas on the waterfront. catch the tram to Glyfada or the A2 bus from Syntagma Sq. Taxia are reasonably priced too.
Hello Ioana!
I am really happy for yoyr question and I am totally ready to answer it!
As far as it concerns the restaurants my suggestion is that you should go to Psyri area where you can find lots of traditional tavernas in order to taste some fine Greek food. Some people prefer Monasthraki Area and Plaka but in my opinion tavernas and restaurants in these areas are too expensive for the services and the quality of food that they provide! If you want to taste an elegant dinner you can also try a restaurant in Kolonaki area. The prices are a bit high but the quality is really great!

As for the clubs first of all it is crucial to know what type of music you like to hear. Gazi area can offer a great variety of Alternative,Indie and Pop music and it has some really great clubs too. If you like Goth,Industrial and EBM music I highly recommend Sin City Club and 2nd Skin club.If you like House music Villa Mercedes is a great club to visit. You can also visit 6 D.O.G.S club in Monasthraki!
As for the shopping Ermou str. is the best place to visit. You can find a huge variety of shops to visit and lots of different branches to select!
As for the timetable of Metro,from Airport to Monasthraki you can visit and get all the information needed about the schedule!
I wish you to spend some really great time in athens and I hope that I was able to help you in a proper way!
Hallo Ioanna,

It could be useful if you a do a bit of research and be more precise so that we can help you better.

There rare loads of choices...

I suggest this:
i hope you have a fantastik time these 4 days in Athens! i would like to add to the previous answers, that the gazi area (kerameikos station) is the best area for finding good restaurants and bars and clubs and it is always full of young people! its only to stops from Monastiraki station taking the blue line to Aigaleo. At Gazi you can go for coffee in the afternoon and leave the next day! its the new trendy area of Athens!
Hello from shiny Greece..... :) it's easy to arrive in monastiraki area. the subway does stop there, you can find out where to stop at the subway map. You can find lots of traditional restaurants in monastiraki in plaka and in thiseio areas.

I hope i helped you. For any other inforamtion please let me know if i can help.

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