I wish to visit around Prague....Such as forest or lake ,,,Any recommend for the place to overnight for a few day?


Country: Czech Republic


Divoka Sarka - you'll pass it on the road from the airport into town .. the Sarka bit is pronounced Sharka .. anywhere in Cesky Raj (google it) there's LOADS of forest in the Czech Republic .. go to Karlsteijn or Konopiste both are castles in wooded areas
Hi Devil
I totally agree with Jamie that there is indeed loads of forest in Czech Republic.
What I would like to tell you about is the first forest / lake area that my darling Dana took me to visit on my arrival in CZ.
It's an area called Slapy, here is a link to some pictures:

I hope this helps you.
Prague is worth seeing. Look on the internet.
Go to Jested, ... 1 hour from Prague to Liberec, than walk up the hill :) 1 hour and stay over night in the tower - it is really cool, cheap and if you like architecture, you will love the tower as well.

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