Fun things to do in Spain? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Spain which tourists rarely experience?


Country: Spain


Spain is a large country... each place, region, town and village is quite unique in its customs and ideosyncracies.

As I'm sure you realize, locals rarely go to see the sites, monuments and museums (except maybe on a school tryp)... and in most sunny/beach areas we hardly ever have time to enjoy the beaches because we are working in the tourist industry.

Having said this, there are always some secluded places that we enjoy and that aren't too crouded by tourists.

If you have a more specific question about a particular city then I guess I'll be more help...

If you are in Mallorca you should visit the mountains, possibly stay in the Lluch monastery (if there is room), try going to one of the popular Cellers (in Petra, for example), you will rarely find a tourist venturing here... the food is excellent and the servings are absurdly large (these places are workers restaurants, so food is good quality, cheap and abundant).

If you come to Palma there are lots of little places to check out... Bar Fletxas, Digui restaurant, Na Burguesa restaurant, Sibil·la restaurant. If you want more info, please get in touch and I'll give you a more detailed list with addresses and phone numbers.
Hi '' Personally i love going to Sitges at 09 am in the morning. At that time you can enjoy having a nice sea bath and hear the waves of the sea and you are alone . That relax me a lot '' Then at 12 when the families go with the children to the beach i love to leave the place and go to a nice place to take an aperitive with a bear , olives and some tapas.
Sitges has also wonderful museums like Cau Ferrat ( rossinyol Art Noveau´s house ) with some of his works, the romantic museum, etc.
I would recomend you to spend one day in Sitges

Barcelona Sandra Tours.
Nature tours, without a doubt. Spain has one of the widest variety of habitats, and therefore species of animal, bird, butterflies, plants, etc., in Europe.

Personally I love the birds of course but not much beats watching families of Alpine Marmots drinking water by the car up in the Pyrenees.

A highly undervalued resource and activity on family holidays and a day trip to the stunning Pyrenees for instance provides an exciting change to the beaches, museums and shops.

All the best
Stephen Christopher,
A fun way to visit the countryside in Spain is doing a wine and food tour, or doing a tapas tour like a local. We suggest you look at our web page for ideas. Enjoy Spain.
There are lots of funny things to do in Spain that most tourist hardly have the chance to know, but most of them are located in small villages or minor towns. Now that the spring has come, there are lots of celebrations all over Murcia, above all in the capital city, and all the gardens are full of flowers and there are "Peñas huertanas" (brotherhoods from the countryshire) that build their "barracas" (typical constructions from that area) and work for two weeks as restaurants serving typical dishes, most of them made out of vegetables and pork meat. They also serve a typical murcian dessert called "paparajote" that is a kind of sweet tempura of a lemmon leaf... Delicious!
- Shop in local markets and cook your own food.
- Participate in traditional fairs and festivals.
- Explore sites out-of-the-beaten-path.
- Go hiking in the mountains.
- Relax in local parks and gardens.

In my blog I post articles on fun things going on in Barcelona that are often difficult for tourist to find out.

And in my website I offer plenty of ideas for excursions to little-known destinations around Barcelona.

You can also find more info in the local Tourism Office website:
Hi there. My experience of Spain is of two of its major party capitals, Barcelona (lived here for over a year) and Ibiza lived here for eight months).

In Barcelona you want to look out for the small bars that tourists never find but are favourite hangouts of locals. In Barcelona go into a square called Placa Reil just off the La Rambla, ask anyone and they will point you to it. Then you want to the fountain. When at the fountain, look back at La Rambla so it's in front of you. Then look right and into the corner of Placa Reil. Walk towards the Bar Glacier and just before you get to it, on your left hand side you will notice a large metal door. Look at the tiny labels on the door and you will see one with the name "Pipa Club". It opens from 11pm and closes at 4am. Press the buzzer and wait for the door to open, you will have a very pleasant surprise. You can also visit the official website;

You will meet some of the most successful in Barcelona lurking around this very un-touristy location.
Most tourists that come to Mallorca don't see any of it, just the hotel and the bar next door! A select few that travle to a place to experience it actually see some of the area and do things like have a "menu del dia" in usually quite a plain looking sort of place in the middle of an industrial estate where the workers usually go for lunch! very cheap way of eating out. usually 2 plates of food with a dessert and wine or water for under 10 €uros! can't beat it!!and it's much better than the tourist areas because the locals don't pay over the odds and get better quality!
Go to any of the local fiestas in any city - there's more to Spanish fiestas than bull-running in Pamplona and throwing tomatoes in Valencia. It's not hard to find out when they are depending where you want to be. Every town will have some sort of "big week" in the summer. e.g. Go to Vitoria for the Virgen Blanca and you will have a blast and probably be the only foreigner there, or the Aplec de Cargol in Lleida (in May) etc etc etc.
I agree with all of the previous replies, Spain is big and a mix of many different cultural histories, find out about the festivals in the areas you want to visit and do some research yourself to get off the beaten track. Head to the hills and out of the way beaches and you will avoid most of the tourists.....however you need your own transport to be able to get there!!!
Good luck

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