Fun things to do in Bosnia and Herzegovina? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Bosnia and Herzegovina which tourists rarely experience?


Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina


Rafting.We have the most beautiful rivers for all water sports but rafting is something special.
rafting on fast rivers, begins in may.
beautyfull contryside.
many ancient monuments.
very interesting centuries long customs and tradition of people living here.
Organized rafting tours - first days of May - lots of adrenaline, quite dangerous - for adrenaline lovers :). Of course, traditional Bosnian food for launch included.
Rafting on the river Neretva Near city of Konjic
Just get drunk, with locals, where ever you go. Told them your stories.
And try to randomly complain about your life.

If you don't drink, just try to be open to receive their thoughts and experience. And, again, speak with them about your life. Try to be genuine.

A lot! When talking about Sarajevo, theres a place called "Male Daire" where u can enjoy smoking nargille and drinking orginal bosnian coffee in an old ambient or in the shadows of old trees. Before in time it was a small family house and its located in the old part of Sarajevo but hard to find so only locals goes t here to enjoy in peace and silent. The second thing is listening to real bosnian folkmusic called Sevdalink.Also, enjoying time in a real Bosnian village, country side, hiking, biking, eating pie (called: "pita ispod saca") and drinking real home made yougurt. I dont know what exactly u re interesting in but let me know and i will give you some more details.
Cvrsnica Mtn. has one of the longest rock faces (over 1300 m) for those who like rock climbing and is absolutely my favorite mountain in BiH.
Tourists do not take a drive (Bosnians either) on the road Bihac-Drvar-Livno-Duvno (Tomislavgrad). Because of such a low traffic it would be ideal bike route, for those who like biking. In the past, one would see tons of sheep. Unfortunately today you can see only remains of tiny sheep herding villages, and use your imagination. Very safe.
We in Bosnia have something that is immposible to find any else - it's they people. But, if you ask what to do in Bosnia than I can propose you that's to drink caffe as much as you can - it's bosnian marathone sport. Offcourse we have all extreme sports to do for fun such as rafting, paragliding, etc..., or walkin on hills, mounts, thru woods, but that you can find everywhere. But there is another thing that you can do and - walkin near rivers with cristal clean drinking water that is rear to find any else!
Night life above all!
roasting a whole lamb in mountain next to the drinkable river with no electricity or mobile signal, only five kilometer away from town. fun isn't it. fly fishing,hunting also.
Mountain cycling is my and could be yours favorite...!
rafting season starts in April,not in May...You can ckeck my profile for active vacation proposals...

This question is not easy to answer when you have many things to do in Bosnia like nowhere else.
For a tourist it is better if he or she know some local people. Tourist agency is ok, but none can show you secrets of the city as local person can. So it's best to have a local friend to show you the secrets of a country. The Agency can show you the most popular places or the most expensive ones, but local person, let's say localyte will behave as your host and show you the best of it and threat you as she or he would like to be treated when far away from its home.
Rafting is no more some secret that only locals do. Now it is very commercial thing! But of course, it is wonderful and something must-see!
I use to do a lot of research around and check what is new and what discover new destinations. In this case, I prefer locations that are still not familiar still or commercialized. But they can be even more interesting and fun than usual ones!
I know some places like such, not expensive, but all inclusive, with domestic atmosphere and domestic fun.
For examples, there are rivers that do not have rafting, but they have undiscovered beauty and people who guide you there. There is unique night life and unique places to go out that you will not be able to find in city guides or on internet. The same stands for restaurants, hotels or ancient houses from different historical periods that still exist. There are also such places arranged only for foreign people so they can feel like at home in case they became bored of domestic interior - like more westernized places.
There is mountain tourism of course! That one is probably the best what Bosnia can offer among other things. for example, places where you can hike, bike, or walk, and then rest and eat completely healthy food and water, and prepared in domestic manner and for some reasonable price. but such places you will hard find advertised. There are also lakes and national parks as only in Bosnia can been seen. And for those who like historical and religious sightseeing, you will not find nowhere so many pilgrimages and holy places as in Bosnia and Herzegovina. That stands mainly for Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Bosnia is a crossroad of all these religions for centuries and that fact has reflected on its culture, history, architecture and other areas. All these holy places tell their own story and legends that tourist like to hear, and locals like to tell.
And the last, but not the least, can be the Bosnian kitchen. Wherever you go, to rural and urban places, you will find excellent kitchen that is irresistible. And before all, it is still natural and healthy. The most preferred food here is meat of course, but vegetarian people can also be surprised with secrets of Bosnian kitchen. Not to mention some typical Bosnian drinks, and music that will follow you wherever you go. Bosnia has waters and you can drink it just by passing by pipes on the streets all around.
And did you know that Sarajevo, the capital, is the first in Europe that got water-supplying? And that it was the first city with the tram introduced during the Austro-Hungarian time? And that is not all...Bosnia has other secrets too!
Bosnia really has the heart and it is heartalike.Just look at the map and you will see..
Welcome to Bosnia!
Rafting. Hiking. There are on special days in year some customs (ethno)that are pretty interesting...
Let us start with rafting on Vrbas river in Banjaluka...
Fishing, mountain cycling, hiking..
Night life is great in any part of Bosnia!
There is almost everything you can do in Bosnia in order to have a great fun and good time to enjoy yourself!
If you interesting in 4x4 mountain safari or mountain walking or rafting or do nothing day(s) in some mountain house with domestic food prepare on place just contact me or see . Cheers
...I think its mostly about spending some quality time away from town, away from all problems and rushes that occupy us day in & day out. We have a lovely mountains, great out-doors and some pretty amazing sights to see, but for more info, you'll have to ask me through my mail - I got some real intresting ideas of how to spend a wonderful weekend in Bosnia & Herzegovina....
hi there..
fun things in Bosnia..
Bihac..rafting on the river Una that's first thing you should try..then u can go to the Strbacki Buk that's near Bihac..(Bihac is about 150 miles from Zagreb..and also 150 miles from Banjaluka)..then u can try to be here in july cause we have festival called "Bihacko ljeto".. :P
If you intend to visit Banja Luka area, then you should visit pedestrian zone around noon-time during the weekend and see the true beauty :-)
Girls everywhere. Try it!

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