Need a taxi to take me to st elizabeths from montego bay


City: Montego Bay

Parish: Saint James

Country: Jamaica


u cd take a public passenger vehicle from montego bay to sav-vanna-la -mar,take another from sav-vanna-la-mar to Whitehouse and then from Whitehouse to Black River, St Elizabeth
going public will give you a good feeling about traveling jamaican style, other wise taking a private transport such as a red license plate taxi or a juta tour bus will get you there faster.
easier to take a bus going 2 santa cruz or mandeville get off at middle quarters and take a taxie 2 Black river
there are chartered taxi ready to take you any parish in the island
well...if u cant get true with anythin and u prefer someone pick u up....let me know...the prices for a charter are arround 100 depents on the driver....and if u take a cap by yourself....make sure its a red plate one
You would drive from Port Antonio to Mobay to take her you are a gem!
Travelling between parishes can be done in various ways, depending on your preferences. If you are a "trouper" and aren't in a big hurry, you can make your way to the bus park in Montego Bay and get on the public transit, there are signs and people there to point you in the direction of the correct bus. You can also hire someone privately there, but the price increases quite dramatically. If you want a more relaxing experience, your best bet is to hire a private driver to carry you the whole way. Authorized drivers will have red license plates on their vehicles. You can negotiate the price with them. You can also pre-book a driver ahead of time to pick you up where you are staying. This option is also very good if you might like to stop once in awhile for a break or if you see something you are interested in. The drivers are usually quite knowledgeable and friendly. Your third option is to contact one of the tour bus companies, they are large buses that are air-conditioned and stop at major centres but will drop you off anyplace on their route.
if you need a cab from montego bay to st.elizabeth, its not very expensive. we can make an arrangement
Public passengertrasport is your best bet!

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