How much would it cost to go from monetgo bay to st elizabeth?

To and back


City: Montego Bay

Parish: Saint James

Country: Jamaica


It depends on the number of people and type of vehicle, ie private car, public bus etc. Generally can be done for about $100/us each way.
at least $3000 jamaican dollars
Organised tours cost about $200/us, independent person who choose to rent a car will spend about $100/us two way.
it depends on where in st. elizabeth you are going. if it were a tour you wanted to do the price package would be different than taking you to a certain place and leaving you there and asking to be picked up some other day.
It would cost $250 usd
it have a lot to do how much poeple travelling and how much time you need across well about 150 one way
It all depends on the type of vehicle and its license, if its a private vehicle its about US$90-100 and for Public vehicle its about US$80-85. fees will depend on the amount of persons traveling as there is always group rates.
it depends and where in ST Elizabeth u want go if Santa Cruz $500
If You are taking the regular public taxi network the least it will cost you is ja$1600. but it also depend on where in St. Elizabeth u want to go. If you want a direct drive to and from St. Elizabeth, I would charge you JA$3500.
about 50 us dollars, depending on the type of transportation that you choose to take.

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