hi , my name is Hanh , i'm a student in ha noi medical university , i want to aply for university about business in sweden but i dont...

...know which school is good ? i'm worry about school fees in sweden , i hope it free but i'm from Asia, some of my friend said that free school fees is only given for student in EU , please help me this is my yahoo id :


Country: Sweden


Hi, I think this is a good site to start at to get teh infromation you need
thank you so much ,
Dear Hanh, to be honest I am not aware of the situation on studying in Sweden, since I am Dutch and enjoyed studying in The Netherlands. I only know that universities are well spread all over Sweden and that there is a famous technical university in Gothenburg: Chalmer's. But if you like to know more maybe you should also check with

Hope you will find what you're looking for.

All the best, Marcel van der Eng

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