Hi, I'm travelling to Phuket in the mid-October. I know its the wet season, but is it raining like 24/7 of the time?. Would i be...

...disappointed not being able to try surfing?


City: Phuket

Province: Phuket

Country: Thailand


Hello Nur
October is a good time to do some surfing here, but the big surf is starting to lie down for the " High" season. Our big surf is from March till September. That being said, the surf changes it's mind very quickly here, so you may be lucky in that you'll still get some good waves. Failing that you can come here and have a wonderful holiday experience. We look forward to having you here.
No it does not rain 24/7. It rains a bit then the rains go away. The rain is not cold, just a good relief from the heat. If you are surfing you get wet anyway.
In the raining season it mostly rain for 1 or 2 hours and that can very refreshing.
Also it will rain at night when you are a sleep , so just come to Thailand and have a great holiday.

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The real wet season in Phuket is June and July. You might get some rain in October but really not enough to be a worry. Come and enjoy.
Hi, Nur Hafizah Ishak. Welcome to Thailand.Though that period is a our raining season, It is not 24/7 as you expected. Moreover, it is a high season for Thailand Tours. Have a nice time here.
No problem buddy! If you stand on the board, thou' with a stiff breeze, you will enjoy
the Indian Ocean. And you'll get not more wet from above than from salty water ...
Enjoy yourself, have fun .... ;-)
Just tropical shower and by that time the island is not so busy.
i think you can surf, my friend surf like you , but now he in London to make his Master degree. He like a big wave here at Kata Beach so much, you can try to surf here in Oct. actually, it start wave since May until Oct. Have a good trip.
if you have any question ask me, Welcome to Phuket
It will be some rain, and mostly will be in the afternoon. In fact, we don't have enough of it this season. You will enjoy your trip.
็Hello..Nur Hafizah I shak.
It's difficult to forecast the weather here.Someday in rainny season just rain for half an hour and that's all.Even it's raining but the weather still warm.The rainny time start about June until midle of October.So if you come at that period it won't rain much but still can surf in some part of Phuket like Karon beach or Kalim beach because we still windly at that time but our wave just 1-2metre hights.Anyway you can enjoy another activities here like snokling, diving, canoeing,shopping or even drinkink and dancing.So Phuket is looking forward to see you.Welcome to Phuket!
Dear Friend
In phuket ,the south of thailand ,there are 2 seasons ,hot and rainny.
mid october is not much rain because it's high season in there.
if you need more information ,please tell me by email: or find out by facebook

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We care you as friend
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