kitesurfing lessons and rentals in Mykonos?

Hello Carlos, I found you after doing a search for kitesurfing and mykonos. I am visiting Mykonos mid July and am hoping to find kitesurfing there. Can you tell me more about this? I have taken some lessons and am still a beginner. Also, I have no equipment and am hoping to rent. Thanks for any info! Jason


City: Mykonos

Region: Southern Aegean

Country: Greece


Online info you should be able to find here: (but I believe it's under construction at the moment)

You can definitely find information on kitesurfing in other islands here:

And if all else fails, I believe that you'll find for sure on location, when you get to Mykonos. It's a small island, with lots of young, adventurous people so I'd say it's a safe bet you'll find equipment to rent quite easily.

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