Next month, I arrive in Budapest, and I wanted to ask how a traditional dinner (czardas) in Budapest cost? Nikola


Capital city: Budapest

Country: Hungary


hello, csardas is a traditional hungarian dance, so dont eat and as in a restaurant:) maybe you confused with gulasch-soup.
i can offer a nice place in budapest what name is Kádár- its very authentic place-
but its open only 10-13h. address: Bp. Klauzál tér. (tér=square)
Hi Nikola,
the csarda traditional Hungarian country style restaurants are usually touristic restaurants. In each restaurant you may enjoy the life folklore music. Local young people usually prefer sorozo (beer-clubs), cafe restaurants and pubs.
You can find good Hungarian specialities on top floor of the Central Main Market Hall (Nagycsarnok): like gulyas soup, porkolt (stew), paprika chicken.
If you like to fine autentic csarda restaurant, drive south from Budapest to the puszta (great plain) area, like Kecskemet 60 km. Rates: ca. 10-15USD for mail corse.
Good appetite... Andrew
Hello Nikola,

If you wanna have a traditional Hungarian meal, may it be gulyas soup, beef stew, chicken paprikache, cottage cheese noodles the prices will be somewhere around 10-20 USD.

Enjoy your stay and doublecheck the bill at the end of the night!
There are some places with traditional food and music specialized for tourists, it costs 40-50 euros for an evening icluding drinks. There are many ways to experience folk and traditional food as well for cheaper. Please take a look at our service offers.
Prices of course depend on where you eat. I can recommend you Ráday street, there are dozens of good restaurants with traditional food.
Here it is:
Yes, I would also say a normal Hungarian dinner with some fine wine for 2 should be around 40-50 Euros, from which often wine can be 20 Euros itself.
Hi Nikola,
Csarda is the name of the hungarian folklore restaurant.
Csardas is a folklore dance, danced by young couples.
My favourite hungarian restaurant is the Alfoldi Vendeglo(=Lowlands Restaurant). It is close to the city center on the Pest side, it is tasty, traditional furbished/decorated, family owned (Chef is the husband and owner, the wife is working there also) and VERY GOOD PRICE plus safe! Many of my foreigner friends(from New York, London, Hong Kong etc, and my Marriott Hotel Guests were satisfied with this restaurant recommendation.
If You visit other DrinkBars or NightClubs in Budapest please double check the pricelist first then the bill or receipt, because they use double or triple or even higher prices than the normal restaurants (which are visited by the local people).
Please try the Goulash Soup as starter, Paprika Veal Stew or Paprikas csirke(Chicken Paprika stew)with cucumber salad as main course, and Gundel-pancake or Somloi Galushka (sponge cake cubes topped with walnut-rum-raisin chocolate sauce and whipped cream)as a dessert.
Their webpage is under refurbishment, but you can find the cached vesion with google search:

If You like dance clubs or safe discos, please do not hesitate to Contact me.
My email is:
ciao Nicola

mabie u think about gulash cca 1o EUR /p

or u want a folk eve?

Brgs Laszlo
Additional data about Alfoldi vendéglo:
Some prices: Goulash soup: HUF 1180-(Four Euros on todays rate(1Euro=300- HUF); Chicken paprika stew or roasted chicken: 1550-HUF (=approx. Five(5.16 Euros) ; Gundel pancake: 890-HUF (=almost Three Euros).

-Owner, Chef: Ferenc Sziklai, Ildikó Sziklai
-Opening hours every day: 11am - 11pm
You can find our menu card in each languages: Hungarian, English, Deutch, French, Italian, Russian and Hebrew.
Maximum number of Guest: (in the air-conditioned restaurant) 70 people, On the Balcony/Terrace: 30 people
You can pay by credit card! We accept: Maestro, Master Card, Master Card Electronic, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express and OTP Bank Pont cards.
They are waiting your seat reservations in phone.

- Address: 4. Kecskeméti street, Budapest, 5th district(Pest side, city centre)
Phone number: +36-1-267-0224, +36-20-321-0808
Fax: +36-1/235-0126
Hi there!

Czardas is a traditional Hungarian dance. I can offer a chic restaurant with live gipsy music (if you ask them they will play czardas for you. :-)) In that restaurant the prices are guite expensive. Starter/soup - main meal - dessert - wine, coffee, water is around 80 Euros for two person. It's near to Ferenciek tere the name is Kárpátia.
Hi, I recommend Szeged Restaurant at Gellért tér, it is on the Buda side.You can get there by tram 47-49 from Astoria.Get off at Gellért Square and it is on the left side of Gellért Bath. There is a traditional folklore performance with folk dancers, gipsy band and folk singers all of which is included in the dinner price.So the show together with the traditional dinner is around 15000 HUF, and its an unforgetable experience.I know cuz my father is one of the singers there.Have a wonderful holiday.Cheers, Melinda
I don't really know csárda in Budapest, but I can offer you to visit Hortobágy.You can find there traditional csárda restaurants, where eat traditional foods, like szürkemarha and enjoy the traditional hungarian dance and music simoultaneously.It lies in the Alföld, 182 km onto Budapest, travelling time:2 hours.
In the capital you can also go to traditional restaurants, but young persons like better clubs or cafés.I think in middle-class restaurants the menü costs: 2500-4000 HUF, but of course there are cheaper and more expensive prices. It depends where you go.I offer the Remíz Café and Beer, on Budakeszi street.You can also eat and drink there and the kitchen bades international and hungarian foods alike.Hope it helps! :)
hi there,

csárdás is a dance, csárda is a place to eat, restaurant, where typical Hungarian dishes are served. Basically, you can find more of them in the country, there are a few not far from the city. Náncsi néni is a similar one, authentic Hungarian restaurant with big portion of good, spicy food! I can recommend that one! If you want a traditional dinner, as a starter, eat soup (gulyás leves is the best or jókai bean soup), then for the main course something with meat or if you are vegetarian, you can try various other dishes, too. For a dessert, eat somlói galuska, or zserbó, or rétes. If you google them you'll see what these things are. Bon apetit!
"Csárda" is the old name for cozy old fashionstyle restaurants, but the real csárda does not exist so much anymore.
Depending the place, the citycenter is of course expensiver.Little home made food is cheaper, like in the Markethall, but be careful there, buy only at the little ones, not at the big one, they do not offer always fresh food, but thanks to the marketing they are very popular.
Starting from 800 Forint you can find very different prices.
Hi Nikola,
csárdás is one of the Hungarian traditional dances. Probably you mean the places where you can enjoy traditional food and maybe music as well.
There is a wide range of restaurants and pubs with traditional menu from luxury to ordinary. Most of the places offer some traditional Hungarian meals like Gulyás soup, stewed meat, stuffed cabadge etc. I suppose you dont look for the luxury places, so try to find some pubs or söröző(bear place) where you can have good food and fair prices at the same time, for example For Sale Pub, Fatal Restaurant.
Enjoy your stay!
The Nosztalgia Étterem/Kávéház - Nostalgia Restaurant/Coffee House is situated in the heart of Pest, the 5th district. It is a Hungarian / international restaurant, conjuring the atmosphere of the "belle epoque". Traditional Hungarian dishes are offered, along with weekly Mediterranean recommendations. Salon music is played in the evenings, followed by dancing. Open from noon until 3.00pm and from 6.00pm until midnight on weekdays, and from 6.00pm until midnight on week-ends. Address: Budapest, V., Október 6. utca 5. Phone: +36-1-317-2987.

Diner for one person is about 5-10eu.
Thank you all. We apologize for the ambiguity. I thought the traditional dinner with folk dances(Csardas). But in any case thank you to all.

Hi Nicola,

If you would like to experience a little bit of traditional hungarian feeling I would recommend you to visit Szentendre. It's a little village in the outskirts of Budapest. A regular train line goes there directly from downtown BP. ()
Szentendre is quite expensive but it's really worth going there. Full of artisan's shops and traditional restaurants.
Dear Nikola!

First is thanks for the question, but the csardas isn’t a dinner type but a traditional Hungarian dance. Of course you can watch dancers while having dinner.
In Budapest have several traditionally restaurant, but not too many real one.
Cost of a dinner could go from 4000Ft (15$) to 10000Ft (50$) per person. You know if you stay in the downtown area could cost more, if you go place like local goes will be chipper.
If you need more information I would be more then happy to show you around in Budapest and make a reservation for you.


Johnny Dosa
Dear Nikola,

As I read you have known what is the csárda and the csárdás, there are no more things to speak about is. If your aim is to visit a good traditional Hungarian restaurant where you can also listen Hungarian folk music I suppose you to go for a ship cruise on the Danube with dinner. It takes you on a 1,5 hour long cruise with a warm buffet-dinner and live music. You can try the gulyás leves, lecsó, stuffed cabbage, rétes, etc. In my opinion this is a nice way to feel the atmosphere of Budapest and to taste some favourites Hungarian foods.
You can see the details on the following link:

Have a nice time in Budapest!

Best regards.

Hi Nikola!

I absolutely recommend St.Ráday where you can find in traditional restaurant special, traditional dishes(just like stew, stuffed cabbage etc.) and Restaurant Grill Trófea(you can choose from 4 restaurant in different parta of the city: ) I think it is the best, because you have to pay a fix amount for meals.(drink is limitless!)

Price is so different(it depends from restaurants' places and others factors)But you have to know: in Budapest almost everything is more expensive than in other cities in Hungary(for example In Kecskemét from where I come,) stew and other things like that is cheaper.
Where are you from Nikola?
Hi fromHungary!

You probably meant Csárda which is an authentic country side restaurant. Csárdás is a Hungarian folk dance. To answer your question... It depends on the restaurant. To have a full dinner in the most exclusive restaurant cost about 100 - 120 Euro per person. In an affordable regular restaurant it will cost from 30 up to 50-60 Euro. I hope this will help. :D
Hi Nikola, a great out-of-the-way restaurant really enjoyed by locals is a restaurant called Remiz. It is located on the Buda side, here is the link to their website:
It is a bit more expensive by Hungarian standards, but not by Western European standards. Either way, it is well worth the price! These are the foods I would recommend from their menu: 1) Remiz saláta (Remiz salad) 2) Libamá Szarvasgombakrémel Piritoson (Goose Liver with a Truffle Sauce on Toast). This one is an appetizer. 3) Padlizsánkrém Piritosal (Eggplant Spread with Toast). Also an appetizer. 4) Mézes Pujkamel Krumplipürével (Honied Turkeybreak with Mashed Potatoes). Of course there are many other great things on the menu (which they also have in english). Now if you will excuse me, writing about these foods has made me hungry. I must go eat something! :)
Hello Nikola, Ask your colleague at your workplace, she will be very helpful:-))

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