Hi, I would like to visit Santa Catarina next month and I am planning to visit Joinville, Florianopolis, Blumenau. I am a student...

...and would like to know of some budget hostels where I can stay. Please let me know. This is my first visit to Brazil. Do you also know the bus service from Curitiba to Joinville. Many thanks


State: Santa Catarina

Country: Brazil


Hallo Mate!!! In Floripa, I always like to stay at tucano house, that is the famous lagoa da conceição where the best bars and discos are.

They always have the best price. Here is their website:

Do not waste your time going to Joinville, nothing special there!!! Stroll around the coast from Camburiu to Bombinhas!
There are lots to see in the Island, the south part is less spoiled, you will love it!
Also, think about coming to Rio, I am a tour guide in the city, very official and absolutely informal, have a visit to my blog
Thank you very much Rafael.
You know, Curitiba is such a delicious green city, i hope you can enjoy the town, very pleasant there.
Floripa is simply fantastic, but you really should check Rio. Rafa is a very good guide!
São Fracisco do Sul ylou can even find some boats for whalewatching.

Camburiu is amazing!!!
Hi Rafel,

Can you tell me something more about Camburiu? Is this a place within Sao Fancisco? or other city? how to get to Camburiu from Sao Fancisco?
But you should also come to Rio de Janeiro and check how wonderful our city is!
I can help you with Bus Service. The best between Curitiba and Santa Catarina State is CATARINENSE
Balneario Camboriu is really better than Joinville.
Have a good TRIP I hope you have fun and enjoy it.
Also, after you visit Santa Catarina, find some days and do come to Rio de Janeiro.
florianopolis is the best in santa catarina, go to gerere internacional beach.
it's JURERÊ internacional beach ;) hihihi
How everybody said Floripa it's amazing. There are two cool places to stay: Lagoa da Conceição with many bars or Barra da Lagoa beach has a hostel for backpacker. If you love surf you should go to Farol de Santa Marta beach is in south of state but not too far from Floripa. If you love party you should go to Balneário Camburiu. Look, if you will stay like a week here in Floripa is nice if you get a tourist card for bus in downtown bus station so you paid cheaper than money.
Here is an option for hostel in Florianópolis:
You can find usefull information about Florianópolis on this site:
Good luck
Tucanohouse is very cool, man!
As someone already mentioned, in Lagoa, there is Tucano, but if you want to be near the beach, BackPackers has two locations. One on the canal in Barra da Lagoa, and the other just up from Praia Mole, on the side of the hill overlooking the lagoa. That location is called Backpackers Sunset, for good reason. The view, especially at sunset is beautiful!

Their site:

Also in Barra da Lagoa, just a couple of minutes walk from the beach, is Hi Hostel, which is quite new. I think presently (June 2010) their rate is 30 reais, including breakfast, so that's like $17 per night! Check out their link here:

You're welcome at Floripa Cabana too! Although not expensive, we're not really in the "budget" category.

As for your question about bus service, there are multiple and regular departures between Floripa and Curitiba seven days a week. Most departures make stops along the way at the principal cities like Balneário Camboriú and Joinville. Therefore, you could take the bus just from J'vlle to Curitiba if you wished. The two main bus companies are Catarinense ( ) and Reunidas ( ). Departures are from the Terminal Rodoviário Rita Maria in downtown (Centro) Phone# (48) 3212-3100

Enjoy Floripa!!!
So when are you coming to Rio, mate?
When exactly will you be in the State of Santa Catarina?
Did you have fun there?

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