hi, wanted to know how is the break water lodge hotel. is it well situaties on the waterfront and what are the activies available nearby


City: Cape Town

Province: Western Cape

Country: South Africa


I have never been to the hotel but being a Protea Hotel it must be great. Check out . As one customer says " If you do anything else, I would think I've died and gone to heaven "
It is situated just outside the Cape Town V&A Waterfront, within easy walking distance to the harbour - shopping malls and entertainment. Cannot comment on the hotel itself, have not been there so do not know what rooms look like or what kind of service they offer. You could maybe google the hotel and have a look at pictures.
The Breakwater Lodge is a budget, very standard type of hotel.
Thge Breakwater Lodge is an old prison converted to an hotel. It is mainlky used by students of the business school. The rooms are budget and basic , some with just showers, some with communal bathrooms. Service is reasonable/
the info that Rob gave is really interesting. Have not been to the hotel myself. The best is to view in on the web. How long are you going for?
Breakwater Lodge is virtually in the Waterfront which is the most visited site in SA.They have a variety of rooms from very small,sharing bathrooms to comfortable rooms with own bathrooms.I believe that you get excellent value as you can walk to the Waterfront where you have a choice of numerous resataurants.All the activities in Cape Town are close by.You can take Day Tours (Wine,Cape Point,Hermanus)Adventure Tours (Helicopter rides,abseiling,parachuting,shark diving)where you will get picked up by the tour companies from the hotel.
I would say that it is one of the best situated Hotel's in Cape Town.If you are interested in doing any tours in CT while you are here you are welcome to contact me on am a qualified guide and run daily tours.
All the other people have virtually covered the information you need. I can only add that this it is probably the cheapest hotel in the vicinity of the Waterfront. There are many others to choose from if your budget allows you to spend a bit more. You do get value for the price there, and it is an easy walk to the Waterfront, just depends on what level of luxury you want.
I can't tell you much about the break water lodge hotel at the waterfront; maby Protea Lodge in Klerksdorp?
All the hotels situated in and around the Waterfront in Cape Town are excellent hotels. There is so much to do in and around Cape Town. You can go on boat trips which include sunset cruises from the Waterfront. There is a beautiful aquarium also in the Waterfront as well as a big shopping centre. From there you can also go to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was in jail for 27 years. From Cape Town you can travel to Simons Town where you will find a big penguine colony. You can also visit the beautiful Cape Point, go up Table Mountain, walk up Signal Hill (next to Table Mountain. If you like hiking there is trails up to Table Mountain. Then there is also the botanical garderns in Kirstenbosch and much more.
The Breakwater Lodge is managed by the Protea hotel group. OVerlooking Tablemountain, the harbour and neighbouring CBD, the once 19th century prison is today the V&A waterfonts leading budget hotel and offers comfortable affordable accommodation. They can be contacted on 021 406 1911 Email :

the Breakwater Lodge is part of the vibrant Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, with it's wonderful restaurants, cool shops, live entertainment, buskers, aquarium and much, much more. Also the city is in walking distance. You can take the "topless bus" to reach Table Mountain, Camps Bay, Clifton Beaches and all interesting points around the city from here.

If you are just wanting a clean room and bathroom, the Breakwater Lodge is well situated. However my last guests complained that the Hotel was too noisy.
Hi there, Breakwatwer is extremely well situated.Only 3 min. walk and you are in the V&A Waterfront at some top Cape Town restaurants, Aquarium, Craft markets, shopping.....and the list goes on. The V&A Watefront, is where all the action is( also safe to walk around there at night) and depending on you age,if you are into the "clubs" they are also easy to get to from there. the "Hop on Hop off" bus ia also just around the corner.If theres anything else dont hesitate to ask......Enjoy
The Water break hotel is an excellent hotel, bit expensive tho but thats the price of luxury.
It is within range of all the major activities tourists come to Cape Town for and with a little bit of travelling (no more than 2 hours) you get to see and do even better. Activities include, hiking, wine tasting, wild life, and just about anything your heart desires.

Hope this helps

My neighbour,an interior decorator is busy revamping Breakwater Lodge at present and told me that they will only be finished in December. She says that it is a mess at the moment.This 19 Century prison was turned into a hotel and is very basic. It is well situated as it borders the Waterfront and is close to the city centre, Green Point and all the Atlantic Seaboard areas. It is most certainly close to the action.However I would not recommend it to my clients as I think for the same price you could find much better accomodation.
As a registered tourist guide I usually recommend a list to my clients and non clients alike with websites and prices and they decide.

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