is there a tour bus to Iguassu Falls?

either from Buenos Aires or Rio. If not where a good car rental place


City: Buenos Aires

Autonomous city: Distrito Federal

Country: Argentina


Once you get Iguazú Bus Station - you should be there early in the morning - you take the bus from the Station to `Parque Nacional Iguazú´ about 8 a.m. It takes 15 minutes and is very economic.
Entering the Park there you have two choices. Either you travel by train for free up to the falls or walk along a path that takes you to the same place. I suggest you to take the train because you´ll need energy to walk a lot enjoying different views of the falls.
You have many buses from Buenos Aires here is a link to the information about them


Remember the name in spanish is Cataratas del Iguazu. If you go there you must go to argentinian and brazilian sides.In argentina you are inside the falls but you can watch them from brasil.

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