what is the best river to cayoning (got exprience) you could recommend any company?


Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina



The river of Neretva runs for 230 km ,starting from the eastern part of the mountain of Lebršnik and it flows into Adriatic Sea .Out of all the rivers flows swiftly through the mountanous landscape of Prenj, Crvanj, Bjelašnica and Visočica forming steep canyons and gulches.
The trip takes about 6 hours, beginning in Glavitičevo and ending in Džajiči.

Briefly about the trip:
After the arrival to Džajiči, the place where you leave your cars or bus as well as other personal belongings, you board into our vehicle, which takes you to Glavatičevo. After enjoying the warm beverage in the restaurant Župski Biser, you are ready to experience the unforgettable adventure.

When we leave Mali Kanjon, and survive the first part of the trip, we will stop for a shorter break in one of the stunning beaches reachable only by boat. This will be your chance to taste some of Bosnian food specialties prepared on grill known to locals as ?roštilj?. After lunch, rest and swimming follows rafting through Veliki Kanjon across unforgettable rapids and over magnificent waterfalls of the green beauty Neretva. The trip ends with the arrival to the meeting point Džajiči. The trip lasts for 6 hours with the distance of 25 km.
THe best one is Neretva. Please check the answer given by Dario Peric
UNA River!

You want an active vacation?
We have it all. It is on you to choose!

RAFTING, KAYAKING, CANOEING. Una is the River that will offer you a unique and thrilling rafting experience. IRF certified and experienced rafting guides will accompany you on your rafting tour and other river activities. Safety is guaranteed even for the inexperienced rafting guests. Una is equally exciting for those who know it well. Una River will be unforgettable.
There is a small river called Svrakava near Banja Luka.It is a beautiful place and its perfect for canyoning. and

And of course 3 kilometeres from that place there is a Vrbas, a river that was a host of World rafting championship.

And all of that packed together with a citi of Banja Luka, one of the most beutiful cities in former Jugoslavija.
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Most popular rivers for rafting in Bosnia and Herzegovina Vrbas ... my confirmation for the World Championships held in rafting 2009 years

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If you opt for rafting, call me to arrange something:)
If you are pro, go for south-west of the country and hit rivers Una and Vrbas. If you want medium, recreational raft experience go for south-east of the country, rivers Neretva and by far the best organized rafting and amazing experience atTara river.
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