Details about wine tours and tastings.

I am inquiring about prices and information about the winery tours and wine tasting sessions as I am planning a holiday for a family with an enthusiasm for wine I was also wondering if you knew of any cookery classes in Nairobi as one of the travellers is passionate about food and cookery.


City: Nairobi

Area: Nairobi Area

Country: Kenya


Wine tasting sessions and winery tours is unique but they are offered by most tourist joints. Cookery classes are available in many places and in particular there are tutorials on cookery, pastry and many more. I can not quote the prices now, but i am going to pick the latest price list from one joint so that i can update you.If in need of more information please do not hesitate to raise me on my mail. Thank you and best regards.
The family have a concience about their holiday and would like to do as little damage while on vacation as possible so if you could find information about the wine tours and tastings as a seperate excursion that would be great. As i have said previously they girl is looking to expand her knowledge in cookery and it would be superb if there was an african cookery class she could attend. Thank you for your answer and your time.
Thanks Rebecca:

Naivasha, a town in Kenya's Rift-valley province, is the home of winery. So, that will give you a good chance of wine-tasting etc.

On the issue of cookery, there are several highly esteemed culinary schools, offering both local, national and international cuisines.

Please, let me know if you need more help from my end.

Kind regards,
Hello James,

Naivasha sounds perfect, I shall research into the area in more detail, as for the cookery it would be great if you could give me further details on local cookery.

Thanks again,
On wines I will direct you to Karen Blixen Center in Karen ,and cookery classes is it african traditions foods or other foods cookeries ,thanks
As I have commented on the previous answer african cookery classes would be preferable and I will research the Karen Blixen Center, thank you.
Dear Rebecca
Please contact
Thank you for the link, I shall research and inquire soon.
there are no fixed winery tours in Kenya but they can be tailor made to meet your requirements and also on the cookery classes it all depends on what type of cooking you want to learn if you can be able to give me more details on what you want i can eb able to give you a proper costings.
The family of three include a single parent dad, his son and his daughter. The dad and the son are enthusiastic about wine, so any wine tours/tasting would be appropriate but it would be preferable if kenyan wines are included. The daughter has a passion for cookery and it would be great to extend her knowledge so traditional kenyan and exotic cookery classes would be perfect.
naivasha is good for wines.
Thank you, this seems to be a popular answer, I shall research into the area futher.
Wine tasting in Kenya is not common like it is in South Africa, but there are a couple of locally made wines, namely papaya (made from the papaya fruit) and Naivasha vineyards. I am not sure if they do tours or where they are located.
I am not sure about cooking classes in Nairobi for travellers, I know they have them for residents which mostly take place from home. It would be fun to do a bush cookery course in one of the camps in the masai mara or something.
this is a very good answer Linzi.
Thank you for your knowledge on the kenyan wine, it is the perfect information that I was looking for, I also love your idea of the masai mara cookery, if it is possible to do that could you give me further details.
Thanks again.
I would go with what Linzi says below. She's on point. About cooking, why not check with Utalii Hotel. They may have something for you there.
Thank you for your suggestion, I shall check the hotel and research further to check its suitability.
the prices are diffrent high and low due to the quality of the wine. yes there is a cookery class.
Thank you for responding.
has an extensive list of various locations. Ask them for places to visit for wine tasting, etc.
Thank you for your advice and for the link, it will help with my research.
Hello Rebecca,thank for deciding to come to Kenya.well you love wine don't you?around my area there are several wine bars but the one which stands out is Divinyo wine bar and restaurant,located in Milimani,just a few km from where i for cookeries, there IS a package offered by origin safaris where by you will have a ten day course in different locations around the country by swahili master chefs whereby you can be able to learn our local cuisine so that your experience in Kenya can be even better.
winery tour u can go to Karen Blixen, Rosslyn River Garden Center Limuru Road . cookery classes are offered at KIBONDENI COLLEGE in Lavington nairobi and the charges per each session is $13. u can call the collge to book for the admission on this mobile numbers : +254733668510, +254721201117. thanks
There are a variety of places where you can access wine related products such as safari park hotels. They organize outside city trips where they offer their services in remote locations. There are cookery classes such as top chefs located within the city suburbs. a number of culinary classes in Nairobi are online and should not be trouble to find.
wine testing can be done in naivasha but what kind of food are you inteding to learn about.
yes im curretnly aware about the wine tasting joints here in kenya in nairobi and once you get to visit ill be more than thrilled to show you places that you wouldnt want to miss again over and over.they are several so when coming just let me know,and ill take you there
For the wine testing i recomend kenya wine agencies the only one in kenya and as for cookery classees there are so many of them
Winery tours are of course something i have never heard of in the Kenya travel menu but for wine tasting sessions, Karen blixen coffee garden would provide a chance for EXOTISC WINES since Kenya is not a serious wine producing country.. Because there are not many tours like that in Kenya like they have in Spain or France you need to give me. About cookery there is an excellent college in Nairobi called Top Chef that will train you in cookery of both local and continental dishes.
Though wine tours and tasting in Kenya are still at infant there is a tour operator in Nairobi(born Australia and Germany) who can give you the best of wine tasting experience at no charge. They will just factor it in the package that may include wildlife safari, beach safari, e.t.c.

Feel free to contact me and i will connect you to the company.
wine and all kind of drink are cheap eg soft and other we metained you and the price

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