backpacking across europe.. help needed

hi.. i'm planning to backpack across europe for a month.. i'l land in geneva sometime in the evening tomorrow.. and start from there.. i plan to go north from there and tour amsterdam etc. for the first two weeks and then go south for the next two weeks.. any help planning my itinerary from u guys would be greatly appreciated.. also i'l be very gratefull to any localyte/s who can help me see the places.. thnx


Country: Netherlands


First off --> Welcome to Europe!! :)
Well if your starting off in Amsterdam and you want to go south from there. Then Id say you try to go by the main cities. So Amsterdam --> Utrecht --> `s-Hertogenbosch/Den Bosch --> Eindhoven --> Maastricht. Then you can cross over in to Germany or Belgium. If your going to Belgium then it would be Liège, Leuven or Antwerpen or Brussels then Antwerpen and on towards Paris. If you were to go towards Germany it would be Heerlen in Holland and then Aachen, Koln and further. And off course if you want to leave Holland trough another route that's possible as well go straight towards Antwerpen and on towards Paris or Brussels. From Paris you can crossover to London. And these are if your going south. There are loads off other possiblities :)

If you want a local, in Holland I can help/guide you through 's-Hertogenbosch/Den Bosch and Maastricht really well since I lived for more then a couple of years in both. Beyond these I know my way around Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Antwerpen and Liège as well not as good but if its just to get a decent glance I'll do fine :)

Though there are probably plenty other Localytes who know their way around these last few a lot better than I do. You can turn to me if you want to for the first couple or so.
Best of luck and I hope you'll enjoy your stay in Europe to the max!
hello mark,
thank you.. i'm in geneva now.. i'm planning to start from here, go north towards germany, belgium and then to netherlands.. and finally come back to paris.. i'l make sure to call upon you when in Hertogenbosch/Den Bosch..
thnx again,
Geneva must be so pretty! Are you going to Lucern too? You could travel upwards to Germany and then through Germany go to the Netherlands. I was in Singen (Germany) last year and climbed the biggest dead vulcano over there. The view was so beautiful! This place is close to the border of Switzerland and the vulcano is called 'Hohentwiel'. If you plan on coming to the Netherlands I would suggest to visit The Hague. Ofcourse Amsterdam is the big touristic thing but The Hague is so pretty too and has a lot of history and the beach (at this moment the weather is nice!). If you come to The Hague let me know and if I have time I can show you around. From The Netherlands you could travel to England or Belgium either way and go down from there. If you plan on going more north I really would suggest Copenhagen and/ or Stockholm. Beautiful cities! Well, I hope you will enjoy yourself!
hey wendy..
thnx.. i think i'l do that.. go north to germany and belgium,.. crossover to netherlands and come down to france.. i will come visit hague for sure.. i'l be very grateful if u could show me around.. i dont want to do the regular touristy stuff, see the place as the localytes do.. :).. thnx a lot again..
If you're in Amsterdam and need some ideas, take a look at

There are all sorts of ideas to see Amsterdam and it's surroundings. But the best way to see Amsterdam is just to get lost and see where you end up!

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