backpacking across europe.. help needed..

hi.. i'm planning to backpack across europe for a month.. i'l land in geneva sometime in the evening tomorrow.. and start from there.. i plan to go north from there and tour amsterdam etc. for the first two weeks and then go south for the next two weeks.. any help planning my itinerary from u guys would be greatly appreciated.. also i'l be very gratefull to any localyte/s who can help me see the places.. thnx


Country: Spain


Hi Samar

I've travelled around the non-tourists places in Spain, so can give you info if you let me know where you are thinking of going. I'm now living in Vitoria-Gasteiz in the Basque Country, and will gladly show you around if you end up in this area. I have been writing a blog about my travels, but it is far from complete, have a look here:-

Happy Travels!

hey john..
thank you for your answer.
i'm planning to come to spain in the later half of july.. i was thinking of going to barcelona for sure.. i havent decided the rest of the places though.. if you can please guide me to it, i'l be vary grateful..
Perfect answer and good luck

Enjoy your time


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