we are planning a long trip to black river. we would like to gather some information about the place.

we are in particular interested in a small village near black river where we intend to spend some time. do you know something about the place called hodges? we also want to find out more about everything around - people habits politics etc. Can you help us?


City: Black River

Parish: Saint Elizabeth

Country: Jamaica


Black River is a very historic town - there are some beautiful old buildings there (need restoring but you can still see their beauty). It was the first place to have electricity - even before places in the USA. Waterloo guest House is still standing and has a great bar and does tasty local food. Hodges is very nearby. You can go on the safari up the river and go to Treasure Beach for a day trip. There you can go to Jack Sprat for seafood and pizza and a swim or take the boat ride to the Pelican Bar. Also, try and speand a day and go to YS Falls - really pretty.
black river is a nice place for the family. it is very quiet and a laid back place. it has lots of history and there are great places to visit. In treasure beach there are some nice lodges which is great to stay at. it allows for you to concentrate and spend time with the family. also the people are very nice and friendly. the place also have great food so you dont have to worry. in the evenings you can sit or lay near the ocean and watch the sea as it bounces on the stones. there is something great about that. it is highly recommend by me to get away from all the bustling and something different.
Mary has said it all, but might add that Jamaica is a little piee of heaven that ell off, so 98% of what happens here is just gorgeous. Never ever a dull moment. Recently I spoke with a patron who was visiting the Island from Baltimore, it was the day she was returning home and she literally cried. She could not believe that there is a place this beautiful on the planet.

Black River is no less, it captures a lot of scenic view all in one package. The people arefriendly and there is so much to learn. As it relates to politics, there is hardly anyone remembering that aspect of life until it comes time for a general election. Since its a developing town, and most folks are not traditionally corporately occupied, you will find that politics really is not placed on the forefront of their daily lives.

Mary listed all the hot spots, but let me mention that Black River is like 3hrs from Kingston where there is one of our international airports and about 1.5hours from montego bay the other. But once you are in rural Jamaica - life never felt so good.

Hope that little bit will help
Mary said it all, Just the fact that you choose Jamaica as your vacation makes the diffrence have a wonderful time. God Bless.
Most has been said by Mary but 2 places you should visit when in St Elizabeth is little Ochi for the great sea food and Acconpong home of the maroons. St Elizabeth is very undeveloped and Black River sports one of the best morasses in the world home to many migratory birds so sign up for a hike. St Elizabeth is also home to Bamboo Avenue and hot pepper shrimp in Middle Quarters. Truly a parish well ahead in echo tourism and much to offer if you are of an outdoor mind. Have a great stay in my beautiful country once you catch the fever youll want to keep coming back!
Hodges is indeed a nice place
black river is a wonderful choice so many attaction for you all to see, HODGES is very close to every thing in surroundings you have the safari boat tour, you have the PELICAN to see also for a great bar setting out in the ocean, then you have the Y,S falls nt far from their also you have the rum tour in the same parish not to leave out the TEASURE beach area the germany settlement in that side of the country, also the LOVERS leap that carries many to remenber, also in not far distance we will find some great to mention schools in our country,
Black river has the largest Swamp in the world.I live in Black River so you will experience it like no-one has. Just contact Andrews travel service at 1-876-493-4420. Possibilities include the local Safari , the beach, Seafood dining and much more. The heritage that the town offers is majestic and boasts the first place in the island to receive electricity. You will be thrilled!!!

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