Briefly tell me something about Dubai?

Dubai is the place I love to visit. I,m a businessman in Ghana and have heard much about business in Dubai. I therefore want to visit there and see the way business is being transacted there. I,II also like to meet small business investers to talk about investing in Ghana.


City: Dubai

Emerate: Dubayy

Country: United Arab Emirates


Hello, sorry but im not a business woman ( im photo model )...i dont know ab business here any things.
You are in the right way, Dubai is one of the best business destinations in the world; just go ahead and visit us here, from my side i can help to show you at least how to start your business relations here.
thank you for showing interest to Dubai.
I am sorry, as I am not a businessman in Dubai, i have limited knowledge. But I know that, to start a business as a private company, you need to get hold of a sponsor/partner, who should be a UAE national. The non-UAE national' partner(i.e. you) can own upto 49% of an LLC company. This is not applicable if you are setting it up in a free zone. But all types of business should be licensed with the Ministry of economy and commerce. Minimum capital required to set up a limited liability company(LLC), is Dirhams 3,00,000, in Dubai.
Dear David,

Dubai is goot for business but you have to get ready and you can present your business to others,as you know a lot of people already tried that before you,what i mean that you must bring a new type of business with you and also you can get all information here in Dubai chamber of commerce website do not hesitate if you need any other clarification.

although that the financial crises affected the world economy in General for months starting from end of 2008 and beginning of 2009 but people here in Dubai still living , shopping , going out , enjoying, doing businesses , and life is beautiful in Dubai.
dont do business in dubai, u'll lost everything whatever u gain in ghana, dear friend dubai is only entertain city, if u r interested in opening club , bar or discotheq, then plz welcome.
Hi, I agree with you on 100%- this true!
I too agree with you Mr Irfan
Hello My dear, Dubai is one of the best business distinations in the Middle East region. I have good connections in all kind of activities & speciatly Electronics, Banking, Logistics and ....! You are welcome.
You will be received in Airoport, you will have the best informations about dubai, business, Tourism, Nightlife, Adventures .....! When we will received you!?
If you are looking for investors you find alot of them but as because of the economic downfall it's hard to find export business investors. Though you can set up meeting with them and talk over it. Other than that when you go on visiting dubai, you will find such people on your spree who would like some business interest.
So, go ahead and paln your visit.
Dubai is waiting for people like you !!
Hi ,

Welcome to Dubai and I hopefully the replies above from other feollow localytes are useful. All I can add is some websites below so that you can have more idea and maybe connections. Please copy link and paste to your brower.
1. website

2. website

I wish you all the best
Hasan Al Jabry
Yes,you are on the right track...Dubai is the World's most prefered destination for business,tourism,and entertainment.
The one thing you should keep in mind is that Dubai has no corporational tax,therefor,you get to keep everything you make!
However,the legal matters might be a bit time-consuming,as you will need Trading License depending on what business you are planning to start.This can only be obtained by finding a local sponsor,as in UAE the license are not issued in other way.
The payment might be in various ways,you can eighter make a deal to split your profit in definite percentage,or simply pay one amount in the beginning.
The workforce is quite cheap,and trading laws are very linear...
For any further questions,I will need to know what kind of business you desire to start.Please feel free to e-mail me any time.

Anne P.
any time u contact on this number ask and get business information + visa than u come and visit business in United Arab Emirates
Dubai is dynamic new cosmopolitain city of the world. With the leadership in shk. mohd, dubai has reinvented as the best hub in the world connecting the west with east. it has best air and sea port infrastructure in the region. its also to open the largest airport in the world, four times the size of the new hong kong airport, aimimg to b the best & busiest cargo terminal in the world. apart from this its also the best retail and wholesale point in the region, with the biggest mall in the world, tallest tower in the world, largest man made islands, best hotels in the world, best beach experiances, tourism & trade is all about dubai. Dubai gurentees to have easy setup of business, 100% ownership in freezones & only 5% import tax, which makes dubai the best destination for business in the region & world. strong fuel prices gurentees the very future of the country.
well you are in the right track of business U.A.E. is one of the best place for investment and starting a good business the tax are free workforce is on cheap rate and laws of business here is good. Anyway try to invest a properties and you will earn more.. thank you so much for your interest on one of the best place in the world. feel free to email me on what business u want to start maybe i can help you.
dubai and business ..
its a big market for trading with all brands which you know and you dont know..
for small business i dont advice you with dubai,really it will be very hard to you!!
at least you need 100 000 $ to start a smallll shop..and it will be simple business
but for trading its a great place to buy goods and trade with it
looking to see you in dubai
Dubai means Business:
Dubai presents international business with a wide range of opportunities for different activities and operations, including:

■Transport and distribution.
■Manufacturing and processing.
■Regional offices.

There are many options open to international companies seeking to establish a business relationship with Dubai. Apart from forming a trading relationship, many companies find that there are distinct advantages in having an on-the-spot presence in order to research market prospects, make contacts, liaise with customers, and see through the details of any transactions and orders secured.
Hi Mr Apugiba
Good Day and welcome to Dubai,UAE. Planing to visit ? Dubai is an excellent place to Visit.Looking to enjoy? Plan to come here around Novemer to March, the climate will be excellent , shopping festivals,Good bargains in each and every thing. Feel free to contact incase you require reservations in any category of hotels, travel arrangements ,Airport pick up, any visa related issues etc..
About business, as like any other Developed Countries UAE is also hit by the financial crisis and so far not showing any sign of improvement in recents months,.Oppertunities are every where if you are a good business man,even at this time. If you want to set up a company here ,its very easy --if you have sufficient money to pay to a Business set up provider or else if you want to do it by your self look for a visit visa, come here and get the help of somebody who has done these procedures before. I do own a General Trading Company(L.L.C) in dubai and how much ever I can help you, I will do incase if you require . I just want to say if you want to do business ,any where in World, nowhere you can say it is safe! Its up to you to manage your business be aware of dangers keep away from troubles. There are lots of people in Dubai who wants to look for an oppertunity in african countries,since business in Africa is emerging now,may be you can find a right business partner here. All the best and let me know if you are visiting Dubai in near future.
Welcome to dubai once again
Thank you
Raiju Ramanadhan
Hi ,

Welcome to UAE .Emirate has become a major venue for a number of growing, profitable industries and activities:,( conferences, exhibitions , Tourism , Banking, finance and insurance ,• Business and industrial consulting • Information and Communications Technology ).

You can think bout any attractive investment and start your Business .
Perfect! Dubai's best for business.. a lot of investors you can find here. I heard the economy will be fine so soon!
Dear David,
Dubai is still a good place for business if you have time and money to survive the first year. And it depends in which business field you are in. I wouldn't suggest real estate in the moment. As Emir mentioned before, the Chamber of Commerce is a good place to start. After that you have to talk to everybody. People are willing to give you advice.
Hello Mr.Abalor,
Welcome to Dubai. Sorry to say that i am not a business person, but I can suggest that you come to Dubai first for a visit and see for yourself the beauty of the place.It really depends on the kind of business you want to get into to be able to consider it a good investment, so by coming here and feeling the pulse of the city i think is a very wise step to do.As suggested by others you might want to visit the government website link for more information.Thank you and Good Luck.
How is Dubai? Artificial. Long time ago was much more better. U can feel the crises here too. Have no idea about Ghana, but could be a possibility here.

Hope, I did help four you.
Dear sir first of all i apologize for not answering you soon ,i had some problems and had no time to come on line , i apologize again .
There is a misunderstanding here I'm Egyptian and live in Egypt not dubai and it would be my pleasure to take you in a tour in my country or giving you advices about places here ,restaurants,or else ,hoe to hear from you soon .Have a good day
for your lodging need check our website
looking for a guide in feel free to email me on


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